Sunday, May 22, 2011

I Outed Myself

Last night I was out to dinner with a female friend of mine.  She was again expressing her frustrations about her soon-to-be ex-husband and his recurrent affairs during their 20-year marriage.  She was also saying how she had always wanted great sex with her husband, but apparently he'd been reserving that for the other women.  Now that she's on the verge of freedom, she's wanting to start dating and hooking up with guys and having a wild time.  But she said that she doesn't know where to start because all of her friends are older and married and don't do anything like that. . . .

So I told her.

I told her everything.  I showed her my profile on the swinging community website.  I showed her pictures.  I told her about the swinging partied.  I told her what I'd done with other men and women and what my husband has done.  I told her all of it!  I can't believe I did it.  Yikes!

She was so impressed.  She begged me to take her with her the next time we go out.  Of course, she'd be the unicorn that everyone's looking for, so why not?!


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  2. There has been some time between now and this post. How has it gone since then?