Friday, August 24, 2012


Someone recently emailed me saying that he missed my updates on my blog.  No one should mistake a temporary absence for a complete disappearance.  We're still here doing our thing.  As of late, "our thing" has been working, raising kids, cleaning house, serving in the Church and serving our neighbors, getting ready for back-to-school, car repair, and all the other basic things that everyone else does.  Some people we know who swing* seem to do it every weekend or two.  That's not us.  We have kids and things that are more important, so we only play when we've planned for it far in advance.  But don't worry, there will be more to write about in the future.  We have things planned.

*Despite the name of this blog, we don't like to think of ourselves as "swingers".  We "swing" or "play with others" - just like all people who bowl are not bowlers.


  1. We think the same way.
    Family first. And now things are getting harder, the school, football for the kids...
    We are a couple from Portugal and things are not easy here.
    All together and it becomes difficult to think of fun.

  2. Have you ever been questioned by your priesthood leaders on what you do? I am just curious how you handled all of that. Are there many couples in Utah Valley that do swinging?

    1. No, no one at church has ever asked me if I'm a swinger. In my estimate, there are quite a few swinging couples in Utah Valley, but since they don't all register, it's hard to track the numbers.