Sunday, November 12, 2017

Party at home - And Bambi

Joe here. 

Every word of this is true, other than the names. 

We had a party here last night with about 40 people. We had met about 16 of them before. The rest were new to us, but we’d seen photos of them (or at least much of their bodies) online. They all knew what kind of party this was, so they came with the same general intentions. Most people don’t look as good as their online pictures, but some look better. Bambi was one of those. We found Mark and Bambi on Feeld, a swinger app. We’d been chatting with them for almost a year and never seemed to be able to meet up with them. I got the feeling that we were more interested in them than they were in us. A few weeks ago, they RSVPd to our party, and then a few days ago they warned us that they probably weren’t going to make it. No surprise. Oh well. Then just a few hours before the party he texted to tell us that they would come. The guests arrived at the appointed hour.  When Mark and Bambi arrived, wow! He was suave and she was tall drop-dead gorgeous. She looked like 35 year-old Maggie Gyllenhaal, but absolutely stunningly gorgeous. She looked like she’s have a French accent, and I was surprised that she didn’t, yet she was eloquent and brought the room to silence upon their entrance. She acted as if she didn’t know how good looking she was. 

After welcoming all the guests and everyone introduced themselves, the event got started. It wasn’t more than two minutes before Bambi approached me and asked if she could kiss me. I was stunned, but quickly said, “Of course” and we stood there making out for a minute. She thanked me and moved on. 15 minutes later, her dress was off and she was walking around in black high heels and a tight black lace swimsuit-like outfit. It was VERY see-through and laced down the front. She approached me again and asked if I’d like to lick her nipples. Of course I said yes, then she asked if she could give me a blow job. She took my hand and walked me to a couch. I admitted to her that I wasn’t quite “ready”. She offered to wait and come back to me, but I didn’t want to miss my chance with her. I sat down on the couch and before I could get my pants down to my knees, I was good and ready. Oh she was good at it. She knew all the classic BJ moves. She didn’t miss a thing. It was only about two minutes, but it was awesome! She then moved on to elsewhere in the party.

By this time, most everyone at the party was either naked or just down to their undies. My wife was in an adjacent room getting fucked. I walked in and she was climbing on her second guy and having a great time. So I went back to see what Bambi was doing. I saw her and another attractive woman, Rebecca , kneeling side-by-side giving Steve a blow job. Steve’s wife, Amy, was behind Bambi rubbing up on Bambi and Rebecca. I sat in a chair close by watching and hoping that if Bambi looked around for something to do next that she’s pick me again. But I didn’t want to appear to eager. I didn’t want her to be creeped out by me being a stalker, so I just sat back. Bambi, Rebecca and Amy were all kneeling on the floor naked and were making out and fingering one another. It was so tempting to want to reach in. Some women are open to having someone just join in, some women aren’t. I, and most men, are’t good at reading signs, so it’s best for us to wait for an explicit invitation. 

Bambi laid back on the floor with her head right next to my chair. Amy was going down on her licking Bambi’s pussy. Bambi was moaning with delight. When he eyes opened, she saw me and reached up to me. Her hand went to my knee and then to my crotch. I took that as an invitation to kneel down and kiss her. I then sucked on her tits and she pulled down my boxers and gave me a blow job while Amy licked her clit. Bambi then whispered, “fuck me”.

Oh yes!

Bambi told Amy, “He’s going to fuck me”. That was Bambi’s nice way of telling Amy that she needed to move aside. I grabbed a condom and put it on so fast, and thrust inside her. Oh yes! I kissed her and told her that she was beautiful and gorgeous. I said her name out loud. (I read somewhere that women like that. I hope it’s generally true.) I’m 99% confident that she was having orgasms. I could have taken my time to tease and play with her and build up over the next few minutes to hours, but I didn’t know if I’d get another chance with her. And I knew that I wasn’t saving myself for anyone else that evening, so I let it all go. I came hard, and I pounded in her. And she came hard. It was AMAZING! 

Once we both started coming down, I backed out and smiled at her and thanked her by name. I said, “I hope I didn’t give you too bad a rug burn.” She said, “Not too bad.” I helped her up, then grabbed a tissue to remove the condom and deposit it into a trash can. I put my shorts back on and got something to rehydrate me. A perm-grin was on my face for a long time after that. 

I didn’t hover over her for the rest of the evening, but I did pass her frequently and smiled at her. I talked with her husband a couple of times for a while about our professional lives, and I conversed with her about her life. From what I noticed, she only had sex with me and her husband that night. If she did have sex with someone else, I’m sure it wasn’t with anyone before me.

After the party, I texted Mark and thanked them for coming and told them that we wanted to meet up with them again. He said that they’d like that also. I need to be careful that I don’t get stalker-is. I fear that I have a tendency to do that. But I also want them to know that we’re really into them. 

Oh, also at the end of the party, I also had sex with Brandy. (See previous entries if you don’t know who Brandy is.) And if you think that the names Brandy and Bambi are too similar or too stripper-like, just know that we pick pseudonyms that are related to their real names—makes it easier for us to keep track.

I just realized that I didn’t mention that I drove to Brandy’s place two weeks ago, had dinner with her and her husband and their kids (weird). Then Brandy and I went to a hotel room (with our spouses’ knowledge and consent) and Brandy and I had sex for a few hours. I came twice. Then I drove her back home. The sex was good. Brandy things we have great chemistry. I’m not so sure. She’s really into me. My wife is jealous about the whole thing and doesn’t really like it, but doesn’t know why. Brandy tells me that I’m very attractive. I don’t see it, and it almost makes me uncomfortable. She stares at me very seductively (or maybe a bit stalker-ish.) 

Tonight I told my wife that I had sex with Brandy at the end of the party. She didn’t know that. That made my wife jealous. She doesn’t know why. She says that I didn’t do anything wrong. Brandy wasn’t off limits at the party. My wife said that she should have been jealous of me having sex with Bambi since Bambi is movie-star gorgeous, but my wife wasn’t jealous of that. Christy couldn’t explain the reasons for the disparity in the jealousy, and I’ve learned to not push her to find reasons for her feelings. 

Time for bed.


  1. What were your feeling seeing your wife jump from male to male?

  2. Just a thought on possible reasons for the disparity in the jealousy

    I think jealousy is a form of fear at times. It can be a fear of being hurt or being left alone. For Christy it is possible the fear of being left alone is strong. The history you have of swinging with her makes that kind of sex be just a fun thing to do. Even though it seems Brandy was an early part of that, going to her house to have dinner with the family just might make it seem you are trying to fit into her family at a time it seems you or Christy have mentioned your kids are either moving out on their own or will be in just a few years. She may be feeling more alone without them. Brandi could emotionally represent those feelings to the point of you going there and leaving Christy alone.

    Since my wife and I have lived through that time of the nest emptying I know it is a time of adjustment. Christy could be feeling a fear that manifests as jealousy as she sees you in positions where you too may leave. Having sex at a party or in a full swap with both of you there is just a fun thing to do, but going alone, even if she knows about it, could just raise those fears, even if she knows in her mind you will be back. Knowing intellectually is different than knowing it emotionally. For years I've tried to reason with my wife about some emotions she feels and have found I have to help her through the emotions by helping her feel an emotion counter to the one causing the problem that is stronger. With time the emotion causing a problem becomes so small by comparison that it is no longer causing trouble with the relationship.

    She may not even know what the root cause of the jealousy is. I put forth one possibility but there could be something else. I think whatever the cause, she needs to feel confident in your love for her. I put forth the idea of being alone because that fits the details you have given but you are there and know more than what you are telling us.

    It could be an age difference as Christy may have been told over and over about men wanting to get a fancy sports car and a younger woman at some point in their life and she sees this as the beginning of that stage in life. I've never gone through that but my wife has been afraid of it for many years now. I just don't relate well to people too much different in age to me to leave my wife for one. Swinging with younger women would be something I could do, but leaving my wife for someone way younger or getting into a polyamorous relationship with a younger gal just wouln't work for me yet I've had to nearly constantly try to convince my wife of that as she keeps hearing about it from many sources. Make sure Christy feels emotionally that you'll be back and perhaps with time whatever causes the jealousy will fade.

    I'm sure what you feel seeing your wife jump from male to male is different than what Christy is feeling. At parties she seems to be fine with you going from one woman to another. What would you feel if Christy were inviting someone home to dinner then took them to bed while you were doing the dishes and you were left out of the relationship. This might be closer to her feelings but still since you are you and not her, I'm sure your emotions would still be somewhat different. I say this as you cannot understand her emotions but you can try building up different emotions that are counter to jealousy to help the jealousy fade.