Monday, January 11, 2010

Lots of Orgasms!

On our last night it Vegas, I put on my sexy blue dress and silver high-heeled shoes. With my sexy attitude we headed to the Sapphire strip club. After a few lap dances to “warm me up” and tipping the strippers by putting money down my dress for them to find, I was ready for an orgasm. I found a seat close to the front of the stage that was also near a table full of people. In full view of them I started to rub my tits and clit through my dress. It didn’t take much for them to notice what I was doing. I then put my hand down my dress and rubbed my tits and clit until I finger-fucked myself in front of the table of people. Needless to say they weren’t watching the dancers on stage any more! I was the star of the show.!

I then wanted to have an orgasm with a dancer in the VIP area.  To my surprise, the first dancer to approach me after my public orgasm was Hannah who I had met on a previous trip to the Sapphire a few months ago. Right away I knew she would help me. Turns out she helped me accomplish orgasms two, three, and four! We head to the VIP area and found a nice couch in the middle of the room. After a lap dance and some making out, she nipple fucked me, then finger fucked me and then ended with a combination of using nipples and clit on the third orgasm. She used ice cubes to help stimulate me. Boy, what a great idea! It works like a charm and is defiantly something I will try again. It will also be great to share with others. My husband enjoyed licking my pussy juice off of her tits after I came on them!
My next orgasm happened back at The Green Door sex club. By now I felt like nothing could stop me.  (I think my husband was even a little concerned I may end up arrested for lewd behavior after I did myself in public at the Sapphire! Although, I know he enjoyed every minute of it). After a quick walk around inside The Green Door, I decided on having my next orgasm of the day in the couples area. After some heavy making out, my husband helped me have a fantastic orgasm by giving me oral sex while I played with my tits. We had a good group of people sitting on a near-by couch watching us and commenting on our technique! It was a great way to end the evening.  To celebrate, I did two pole dances for my husband showing him the techniques I had learned at my Stripper 101 class. This also helped me fulfill my goal of stripping in public. Although, I still may consider getting my Sheriff’s Card and dancing for tips! The second dance I did drew a pretty good crowd of people. I think they enjoyed me showing off my tits and pussy. They clapped for my performance when it was over. It was fucking awesome!!!

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