Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Best Little Chicken Ranch

It was a long drive out to Pahrump.  We'd look up the brothels' websites, and they looked pretty good, but the desert drive told us that we were going out into the Sticks.  The map led us through the little town out to just about 100 yards from the California border.  That's where we found Sheri's Ranch and the Chicken Ranch.  Kristy was the one who wanted to come.  This was for her.  But now that we're parked in front of them, she wasn't so sure.  After a few minutes, she got up her courage and we walked to the gate of the Chicken Ranch where she rang the buzzer.

The "House Mother" came out and let us in.  She asked us what we were desiring and Kristy told her that we were looking for a girl-on-girl experience.  The entry was nicely decorated, but it appeared that behind the solid facade, that the entire complex was a conglomeration of connected mobile homes.  They were quite new, but. . .
We were shown into the bar in the next room where three women came out in lingerie and introduced themselves to us.  It was all rather formal, and though they were sweet and kind, their beauty paled in comparison to Kristy's.  These were not models or strippers.  They were legal prostitutes.

I was quite surprised when Kristy chose the tall black woman named Katrina.  She was definitely not Kristy's usual type, but she said, "what the heck.  I'll try something new."  Katrina walked us through the corridors into her private room.  This is where she lived for six weeks at a time.  It looked like a well-kept dorm room with a full-sized bed, dressers, television, and attached bathroom.  We talked for a while and she said that they live on "campus" for 3-6 weeks at a time and they are permitted/required to go into town only one day a week for shopping and their mandatory doctor's visit.  When she's not living at the brothel, she lives in Chicago with her husband.  He knows exactly what she does for a living.  She's also been a Diana Ross impersonator in Las Vegas.  It appears that she is to split her money with the house.  Kristy tells Katrina what she'd like and Katrina quotes us a price of $500 for 30 minutes.  We agree.

Katrina has Kristy get undressed and has her recline in bed against pillows and the backboard.  Katrina gets over her and begins.  She starts with caressing and playing with her nipples and then quickly moving down to lick her clit.  Katrina's feet are well off the end of the bed and she's able to push her feet against a dresser to keep her face and pressure against Kristy's crotch.  They remain like this for the next 20 minutes, Katrina working her tongue, lips, jaw and hands.  It's amazing to watch!  Not more that five minutes later, Kristy starts to orgasm, hard!  I expect her to come down after a minute of moaning, but Katrina keeps going and Kristy keeps going!  I watch in amazement while Kristy has what appears to be a 15-minute orgasm!  My skills were put to shame, compared to what Katrina was doing.  It just went on and on.  I couldn't believe it!  After what seemed like an eternity, Katrina finally let Kristy down.  She was completely spent.  This was the first time that she learned that it was possible to have an extended-massive-orgasm.

Once they were done, they got dressed and I took a couple of photos of them standing together in her room.  We were both very impressed with Katrina's skills and stamina.  My jaw ached just watching.  She said that it took time to build up the muscles and that she had a lot of practice on women.  We thanked Katrina and were shown out.  Kristy told me that it was the best $500 she'd ever spent.  On the drive out of town, I realized that I now had a new goal to which I could aspire.

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