Saturday, May 8, 2010


I really wouldn't recommend using Craigslist to find sex partners.  We've tried it.  The vast majority of people on there are fake.  There are much, much better sites.  But when we were new at this, we tried Craigslist, and believe it or not, we actually found another real couple on there who was really nice.  We knew that we didn't want to play in our hometown, for obvious reasons.  We didn't want to run into any play couples at Stake Conference.  So, we made sure to look for couples in other, adjacent cities.  The wives talked on the phone a few times and we texted and emailed each other.  Eventually we set up a date at a hotel resort.  We met for dinner at a restaurant first and got to know each other, then we went to the resort and checked into adjoining connected rooms.
We all went down to the pool together where we related to each other our experiences with swinging and our interests (though we had discussed them before via email).
We then went back to the hotel rooms.  We didn't rush things, but the women got naked and showed each other their box of toys.  Soon enough, Kristy started kissing "Debbie" and got on top of her.  This was Kristy's first experience with a woman that we didn't pay for.  And it was Debbie's first with a woman.  "David" and I just sat and watched.  We'd agreed beforehand, that this would be a girl-only night--us guys would get to just watch.  The two women did everything one could imagine.  Kristy has a double-ended dildo, and they both reclined back and used it between the two of them.  Debbie brought a Hitachi Wand.  Until then, Kristy had never seen one.  With the double-ended dildo being used between them, adding the Hitachi wand just made it that much better.  I lost track of how many orgasms each of them had.  Debbie brought out a strap-on dildo.  Kristy had used one with Sarah, the escort in Vegas, but she hadn't yet been the recipient of one.  Debbie strapped it on and got behind Kristy.  I snapped a lot of photos.  Then Kristy put it on and used it on Debbie in a more traditional position.  Debbie and David told us and Debbie was a really squirter.  Kristy has squirted before, but apparently, Debbie was a huge gusher.  So much that she brought her own towels from home.  At one point, Debbie was kneeling over Kristy and David told me to get the video camera ready.  He went around her and vigorously stimulated her clit in just the right way.  Immediately, she had an uncontrollable spasm and a gush of clear fluid that must have been at least a cup-full!  I got it all on video!  Well, Kristy and Debbie just kept going at it late into the night.  After the two of them were done, we split back into couples and Kristy and I had great one-on-one sex.
The next morning, we met for breakfast in the hotel restaurant, then we went back to the room for another round of the same with the girls on each other, then we all checked out of the hotel and they took us to lunch.  Great friends.

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  1. I am interested in the better sites out there. My wife and I are just starting and taking it slow. What sites would be the best for meeting other play couples?