Wednesday, July 7, 2010

First Soft-Swap

For those who don't know, a soft-swap is when you exchange partners with another couple, but you don't have intercourse with the other partner (but you basically do everything else).
We'd been at a sex party earlier that evening where there was a lot of girl-on-girl and other play activity, but no pairing up.  As the party was winding down, one of the couples ("Peter" and "Amanda") asked if we wanted to meet up with them afterward.  As we talked, turned out that our backgrounds' had a lot in common.  We told them our hotel room number, and they met us there a few minutes after we left the party.
They were both soft-swap also, but they'd had experience whereas we had not (other than Kristy's experiences with women over the last year, but she'd never been with another man and I'd never been with another woman).
It started with the two girls taking a bath together while us guys watched.  They were all over each other and kissing and licking each other.  Then we all went back to the bedroom where everyone got naked.  Peter and Kristy started kissing.  I thought I would be jealous, but I wasn't.  It was very hot to see someone enjoy my wife as much as I do.  He laid her back on the bed and he proceded to finger and kiss her "down there".  She moaned and moaned.
While this was going on, I had my new partner lay back on the bed next to Kristy, and I did the same thing to her.  Amanda was very mobile as I repeatedly pushed my fingers inside her.  She was very vigorous in her reception, and she was enjoyable forceful in her kissing.  She had frequent small orgasms, squirting with each one.  Eventually she had us swap positions, then she went down on me.  Again, she was very "mobile" as she changed positions to find different ways to give me a satisfying blow-job.  It was wonderful to feel that while looking over at my wife why she enjoyed her date.  I asked Amanda if she wanted me to warn her before I came, and she said that it wouldn't matter.  When I did, she just kept going and swallowed it all.
We then swapped back to our own spouses, and us guys laid back as our wives rode us.  Because the sexual energy was so strong, it didn't take long for Kristen and I to orgasm again.  As we lay there recovering, we enjoyed watching Amanda ride Peter very hard right next to us and watch them both "explode."  Just then, the sun came up through the hotel window.  I can't remember the last time we stayed up all night long.

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