Sunday, August 1, 2010

Hometown Sex Club

Because of where we live, there really isn't a sex club that is close to us, so it takes a bit of driving to get to the closest one, but it's a pretty good one.  I must say that it's even better than most of the ones in Vegas.  Just so you know, most sex clubs are designed for couples, not single adults.  Some let single men in, but single men usually pay quite a bit more.  Some clubs don't even let in single women without a couple who will sponsor them.  The club closest to our home is primarily for couples.  You'd never know that it's a sex/swinger club from the outside.  During the weekdays, it just looks like a closed-up shop, but on the weekend nights, when the other businesses are closed, the parking lot is full.  Like almost all sex clubs, they don't serve alcohol, and there are very specific rules of conduct.
In sex clubs, Kristy likes to get out on the dance floor and take off her top.  She's a self-admitted exhibitionist.  One night, we went into one of the group play areas.  Kristy and I were playing in a corner and were just finishing up when three other couples came in, swapped partners and started playing.  Though it's not usually acceptable, one of the guys reached over and just started playing with Kristy's tits.  Kristy was more shocked than offended.  Usually one would ask before touching.  We politely zipped everything up and tried to quietly walk toward the exit of the room, but the passage was narrow and blocked by the activity of these three couples.  I was able to hop over the tangle of legs, but I couldn't get Kristy out.  She was trapped.  I shrugged, gesturing, "I'm out.  Good luck."  But of course I couldn't leave her.  She was getting propositioned by one of the couples closest to her.  I didn't have it much better; one woman was bent over a table, taking it from behind.  While in the throws of pleasure, she was introducing herself to me, and she reached out to shake my hand.  She introduced me to her husband, who was not the man behind her, but who was receiving oral satisfaction from a woman on the couch.  I realized that if I didn't get Kristy out, we'd be pulled into the orgy pretty soon.  I reached back, took her by the hand, and helped her out to the safety of the dance floor.
The club also has a Symbian.  If you don't know what that it, it's like an upgraded Hitachi.  If you don't know what that it, then too bad for you.  The hostest showed us the various attachments, and we figured out how to control the vibration and the rotation.  Kristy straddled it and went to town.  I had to keep her propped up, or she would have passed out.  And we only had it on 60% setting, at most.  I could almost see this thing being dangerous!  Once she started orgasming, I had to eventually turn it off after about 10 more minutes.  I don't think Kristy was coherant enough to make decisions.  I could have left her there all night long, and she wouldn't have even noticed the passage of time due to her hypnotic, eyes-rolled-back state.  When she was done, she couldn't even stand for the next few minutes.
I don't know when our next trip back will be, but hopefully soon.

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