Sunday, July 31, 2011

Second Full-Swap

I can only imagine what you're thinking.  The first was just two nights ago, and now another one?  We'll it was sort of planned that way.  I'm going to have my husband tell this one.

Hi, Joe here.  I'm not sure what I'm supposed to say.  Still very tired from being up until 2:30 last night.  It's only 9:00 a.m. Oh, and we had sex with another couple last night.  We met them online and talked a lot before meeting.  They were older than the couple two nights ago, but they were still younger than us.  He was built and buff and HUGE compared to me.  They were both very nice.  Had a nice dinner.  Talked openly at the table about swinging.  My wife wore a great strappy dress with no panties.  We took the risk that no one would recognize us.  I think the waiter kept hearing snippits of our conversation and had an idea of what we were planning.  The other couple told us that we were the most normal ones they'd met.  Turns out they do this regularly and that they have a girl they play with routinely.  They even tried out polyamoury at least once.  The guy was very good looking so he had no problem attracting women and couples to bring home to his sexually insatiable wife.  They told us that they were into separate room play; I said that we hadn't done that yet and they respected that.

After dessert, we came back here.  It's always a bit awkward for us on how to make the transition from good conversation to good sex.  I usually let the women do it, but as I guy, I'm anxious to get it going.  Eventually, that pause came in the conversation and one of the women said, I'm going to change into something else.  So the women changed into their nighties and then went to the bed.  Diana had rarely used toys, so Christy laid her back on the bed and started working a toy against her panties and the around her panties.  She kissed her nipples and her mouth and put the toy inside her and kept going until she had a quiet little orgasm.

The women then got fully undressed and we guys got down to our skivvies.  Something about it felt a bit more socially awkward than other times.  Just couldn't read them as well.  They'd done this a lot and we hadn't.  We wanted them to take the lead, but they were very kinds and let us go at our own pace -- whatever that was.  The girls then started making out with us and we groped the other woman.  Our cocks poked out.  He was big, but I didn't let it bother me.  I was excited to see Christy try to deep-throat him and to get screwed by him.  The other night I didn't see the guy penetrate her as much as I would like to have.

We swapped partners and Diana and I started kissing.  She was a little more passive than I'd expected.  And I'm not the aggressive type, so it was a bit tough to read her and I didn't know how much I was doing it for her.  I asked for feedback and she said that I was doing everything right.  I did everything in every position.  She was on top of me and I pulled her up so our crotches touched.  She leaned down to me and said, "I don't know.  Is that OK?"  I knew the Christy and I had said that anything same-room was OK, but I responded, "Ask Christy", so she did.  (Christy was in the middle of giving a blow-job).  We all four agreed (as we had previously done online, but apparently Diana may not have been explicitly told) that everyone was good with full-swap no condoms and could cum anywhere (but she doesn't like to swallow as much as Christy does).  So I slipped it in her.  I felt like a teenager.  I was ready to cum in 10 seconds, so I sat up and sucked her tits so that the thrusting would stop.  I then asked if I could go down on her.  She said, "sure".

She laid back and I did my best with my mouth and fingers.  She wasn't as noisy as I'd expected, and her body movements were more subtle that Christy's, but I could tell when she'd had an orgasm and she started to get ticklish.  So I had to stop for a sec and let her cool down while I rubbed her body in a non-tickling way.  While doing this, I looked to my left where next to us on the bed, Brad had my wife on her back with her legs bent up to her chest while he was in the full push-up position and just fucking-the-hell out of her pussy with his thick, long cock!  She was moaning so hard.  Diana had to ask her, "Is that good moaning or painful moaning?"  Christy caught her breath long enough to say "Good!"  It appeared to be one massive orgasm-string for her.  It was so hot!

Now that Diana had a cool-down break, she was ready to go again, and after seeing what I was seeing, I was too.  I laid down on her in the missionary position and slipped it in her.  It felt like Christy, but the face belonged to another woman.  I knew that I wasn't going to last, so I told her and she said, "Go for it."  I kept my eyes open and my face directly over hers with about 12 inches between our faces so I could look at her as I came.  I  pounded like I was 20 years old and I shot all over inside of her.  All I could think about was, "I just fucked and came all over inside of a woman who wasn't my wife."  But unlike almost every other guy who thinks that exact same thing, my wife was two feet away doing the exact same thing and we both knew it and wanted it.

Diana got up to go to the bathroom to get cleaned up.  While she was gone, I just sat back behind Brad so I could see him continually penetrating my wife's pussy and see him repeatedly thrusting into her.  Diana came back and reclined against me, and we both watched the others.  I felt bad that I'd cum so quickly when it was obvious that Brad could go all night.  (He later told us that they'd has sex twice that day so he was able to last a long time).  I gave Diana a back massage so she's have something enjoyable while this was going on.  After what felt like 15 minutes of Christy getting the hell fucked out of her pussy, she called out, "I want you to cum!"  He asked where, she said that she didn't care.  He started going very hard and very fast and I thought she was going to explode and fall backward off the end of the bed.  Once she did have one last massive orgasm and started to come down, she thought he'd cum, but he hadn't.  It was obvious that Christy was done.  She couldn't take any more.  She offered to let him do his wife.  She said, "Now you know why he could have more than one woman in a relationship."  Christy felt bad that he didn't ejaculate and asked what she could do.  I think he wanted to cum, but couldn't and he was kind enough to not put pressure on Christy to make it happen.  So we all got dressed and thanked each other.  We said that this was a good first time play session and now that we're all comfortable with each other, a next time would go more smoothly.  We all chatted for a bit before they went on their way.

Christy and I got exactly what we wanted from the evening.  I got to cum in someone and she got to get screwed by a very good looking, buff, hung dude who could go all night long.  She would have liked him to cum in her (mouth or pussy), but she got that the other night.  So, we're all good.  She just felt bad that he wasn't "satisfied" but I'm confident that it was his own issue and that she had nothing to do with it.  Christy was the most attractive woman in the room and was the most sexual and arousing.  I've learned that sex with her is the most fun.

Christy here again. I read what Joe wrote and I need to add this.  Even though I loved having sex with these other guys, Joe has the perfect penis for me.  It hits me just right in the g-spot.  This other guy, though large, was a bit painful.  I had a great time, but I'm not about to trade in Joe for a different model.  We learned again that sex with others is a lot of fun, but our spouse is best.  I'm going back to bed for a while.  Thank goodness we have late-afternoon Church today.


  1. That was hot. Thank Joe and Christy.

  2. This is coming from a Utah swinger.. so take it for what its worth. But be careful! Unprotected sex without condoms is dangerous. I've been in the swinging community for 6 years and we played with condoms for 5. This last year we didn't with a couple who only had been with 3 other couples, and guess what.. yup, HSV2(Herpes), my wife is enjoying her second outbreak since May this morning. So don't think it won't happen. Chances are we've run into each other and I've posted our experience in a popular swingers site in Utah.

  3. When couples ask, are you honest with them and tell them you have an STD? Or do you claim to be DDF?