Friday, July 29, 2011

First Full-Swap

We did it!  It was awesome!!
We decided a couple of weeks ago that we were probably ready for our first full-swap (vaginal-penile intercourse with another couple, not just oral sex).  So we put an ad on Craigslist.  We didn't do it in our hometown, but posted in the next valley over.  We then chatted online with a few couples.  One very eager and interested couple was much younger than us.  Turns out a lot younger.  They lied about their age.  We met them for dinner at a Mexican restaurant and chatted.  Even though they were young, they had already had a full-swap with another couple a few months ago (their first swinging experience), and they seemed very committed and stable in their marriage.  They were both very confident in their sexuality, but not braggy.  They were not members of the Church; hence their confidence.  She experimented with girls (kissing and touching) during high-school, but he was a virgin until they were married.  They'd watched porn together a few months ago and then decided that it would be fun to hook up with another couple, so they did.  Then then decided to do it again, with us last night.

After dinner, we all came back here, and she and I took a bath together while the guys watched and got hard.  We then went to the bedroom where "Brandy" and I got on the bed and started kissing and grinding on each other.  She wanted me to take the more aggressive role, so I did.  I put a vibrator between us and I was on top.  The guys stood and watched us.  We shared a double-ended dildo and a bunch of orgasms.  She is breastfeeding, so I got my first taste of someone else's breast milk.

We then undressed our guys, and they took turns taking showers to get off the day's sweat and grime.  Then, all of us fully naked, got on the bed.  Brandy was on top of me and the two guys knelt on each side of us and I took each of their members in my hands.  It would have been a great picture.  After that, it was just swapping, and ridding, and pounding, and grunting, and moaning, for the next hour or two.

As my husband "Joe" lay next to me, he had Brandy sit on top of him and slip him inside of her.  She was the first woman, other than me, who he'd ever had full sex with.  Brandy's husband, Justin, had sex with me (my first also).  We all changed positions and parters many times (never any guy-guy stuff though).  I came so many times!  For a young guy, he lasted a long time.  Eventually when I was riding on top of him, I asked him if he was ready to come, so he did.  Joe was ready to come early (said he felt like a teenager who can't control it).  He warned Brandy and she had him pull back (she didn't want to get pregnant).  As the session went on, he would thrust into her for a few seconds and then hold back if he felt like he was going to ejaculate.  (We gave a lot of great blow-jobs too and got our clits sucked on also).  Joe and Brandy finished after she requested that he do her doggy-style, and when he was about to ejaculate, he pulled out and came all over her back, up to her neck.  It was at least a "five-roper" as they say.

We all got cleaned up, got half dressed, and then sat and talked again for a while.  We told them that they were great and they said the same about us.  We discussed the possibility of meeting again.  We thanked them for a great night and they went home.  Joe and I talked and felt very good.  Even though it was great sex, (and it was great sex), nothing beats having the intimate relationship with your spouse.  They were a great play couple, very friendly, but because of the vast age difference, we didn't have much in common.  If we'd met them when we were first married, we likely would have been friends with them.  But we're at different places in our lives.  In many ways, they're ahead of us and more experienced.  By the time we catch up with them, we'll be too old to do this, so we'll just keep enjoying this at our own pace.

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  1. Hummm... Thanks for the post. My husband stumbled on this blog showed it to me and we find it hot. We can't participate in similar activities for similar reasons but we can fantasize about it. Thank you for the material.