Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Latest Event

Well, back from another adventure. While in the big city, we hosted a fun little hotel suite event. The first night we met some friends and went to a dance club where a D-list celebrity was celebrating his birthday. We then piled into a SUV limo and then went from strip club to strip club and then ended up at a sex club where two hookers were getting pounded by men twice as old as them.   One was there with three guys who seemed to have dropped out of a sitcom. One was a little Asian man doing back-arches on a sex-saddle while watching the hooker give a stripper-pole lesson to a mentally challenged Hispanic man, while the old sugar daddy sat back and watched it all.  We and our friends tried to find a secluded place in the club to play, but we got followed and watched.  We got naked and played, but couldn't help laughing.  We tried to laugh quietly while a guy stood outside the bead "curtains" and masturbated through his pants while watching us.

The next night we had our little hotel suite event.  In total, it was about 17 couples who joined in.  We even had two LDS couples, but we think we scared off one of them before we even got up to the room (or maybe we were too old for them).  Most of the others we have known on and off again for the past few years.  Some were brand new to us.  I won't go into the details, but it took very little time before most everyone was undressed to some degree and sitting on someone else's lap.  There were three-ways and four-ways and everything else.  Lots of girls-on girls and strap-ons and toys.  It was so much fun!  There were also some newer couples there who were a bit shy.  No one pushed them at all.  One of them later said that this was the first swinger event they ever attended where no one tried to push them into anything.  In the end, they got naked and played with each other and did a little soft playing with other couples.  One very new woman even got her fantasy of having five women playing with her at the same time.  She didn't want any guys involved, and everyone was very respectful.

All in all, it was a very fun time.  Condoms were used, almost everyone had sex with someone else.  It was very free and liberating.  Very non-judgemental.  Definitely something we'll do again.


  1. I guess most of us guys are jealous that you have such a sexually adventurous wife - all sounds fun but still struggling to reconcile the concept with the doctrine!

  2. Love your blog and being LDS makes this blog really fun to read. So how did you meet the other LDS couples that were interested in swinging with you?

  3. We met other LDS couples at parties in Vegas. We don't seek out LDS couples. As we get to know a couple and we talk about our backgrounds and upbringing, it just comes out that we are LDS. We don't deny our beliefs. And why would we pretend to be inactive when we're not. And then if the other couple is LDS, they then tell us. We rarely discuss justification with one another because each couple sees swinging differently.