Friday, December 2, 2011

Texting a Date

We’ve been wanting to play with a couple next weekend.  One of the couples what we met on our last Vegas trip doesn’t live far from us.  In fact, we were on the same plane home from our last Vegas trip and I sat next to her.  Anyway, we didn’t think we’d get to play with them next weekend because they have a Christmas party, but here’s what she texted me today.

Melanie: We have an option for next Saturday night if you are open to a compromise.  It’s not ideal, but can make it up to you next time.  We could leave our Christmas party at 10 pm and meet up with you guys wherever.  You mentioned downtown, so would be about 10:30 pm at the latest.  If we set a time to meet, promise we will be there at that time…we are very respectful of other people’s opportunities to go out.
Christy: That sounds good to me, let me run it by [Joe] and get back to you!  I get giddy thinking of it.  Christy
Christy: Let’s go for it.  As long as you are sure that we aren’t taking you away from your vanilla party! We don’t want to be party crashers. 
Melanie: Yea!!  Tell Joe that I will make it so worthwhile.  Muh…I want you. We can still make appearances and visit and then go out and play.  Plus we have a built-in sitter so we can stay out all night.
Christy: Yea!!  I’ll book the hotel right now! I can’t wait. Tell your husband the same thing.  Mmmm. I’m wet thinking of it.
Melanie: You and me both Hon.  Just let me know where you want to meet up at. We will be fairly casual for this party. ..jeans/nice tops kind of thing.
Christy: Sounds good. I don’t plan on the clothes staying on for long. J
Melanie: That would be why I like you so much!
Christy: I got the four of us the two-bedroom presidential suite (our treat) at the [hotel] in the downtown area for Saturday, December 10th.  Plan on working up an appetite since it includes breakfast. Kisses.
Melanie: Wow! So I guess that means we really have to put out, huh?
Christy: That means that we really want you bad!
Melanie: You realize that I am so hot for you, I would take you in the back of a car if I had to.  Just saying . . .
Christy: Oh, I feel the same.  I plan on being naked in the tub waiting for you!  I’ll do you in the car in Vegas when we meet in February.  We can invite Stacy to join us.
Melanie: Nice! I like my women wet.  That would be fun . . .one thing I have not gotten to do, more than two of us females.
Christy: Me neither! J  Let’s plan on it.  It will get the guys all stiff and ready to go watching us . . . Ooo I just realized that I get to play with two bald men in Vegas!!!  What a weekend!!! I get to warm up this month with your husband and you and then look forward to more in February.  All though, I may not be able to wait that long! We may be setting up another date with you guys in January.
Melanie: They would love that.  My husband adores watching me.  I’m a fan of Randy as well….big fan.  Made me laugh when first met them, didn’t realize how much he looked like my husband.  I was like “I’m strangely attracted to you!”  I think [Joe] is very attractive as well and look forward to teasing him too.
Christy: [Joe] will love playing with you too.  I’ve got to get to bed, but I’ll be having hot dreams now.

I'll let you know how the date turns out.

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