Monday, December 26, 2011

Unwelcome Visitor

Just for fun, I was googling "Mormon Swingers".  Of course, my blog and links to my blog came up.  This link also came up:

It's a forum composed of Mormon mommies who during November and December of this year, have been chatting in their forum about swingers, with references to my blog.  They've been doing this for 16 pages.  I thought it would be interesting to drop in and say hi.  As soon as I did, my post got deleted by the moderator.  I posted again, and it got deleted.  She said that I was disruptive to the community.  Then the forum got locked so no one could post.

I feel like the young hussy walking into a hair dressers in a backwoods salon.  All the regulars are there gossiping about the floozy in town.  As soon as I try to be nice, the one under the dryer says, "Well, I never!" and they all pull their magazines to their face.  I know when I'm not wanted.


  1. Rude! Honestly, what makes people think that's an okay way to treat people?

  2. Nice work. Thats awesome.