Thursday, December 29, 2011

Green Eyed Monster

We had a date with a couple set up for tonight. It was with a couple we have played with once before. They are attractive and nice. We had a great time with them the last (and only other) time we played.

We'd prepared for this night at least a month in advance. We got dressed up, but 30 minutes before we were scheduled to meet them at the restaurant I got a funny feeling. I had not been super excited to play with them again, but I didn't tell Joe and I didn't know why. But now I knew why. I was feeling jealous. I recalled that at our first date with them, she was very into my husband. She is much younger and is flirty. Joe liked it. But I remember feeling a bit of jealousy. So, before we headed out the door tonight to meet them, I told my husband that we could meet them for dinner, but that I didn't want us (specifically him) to have sex with them. I was worried that I wouldn't be able to watch it without feeling jealous. And I worried that she would attach to him too much and that Joe, being a man, wouldn't be able to resist her if she ever tried to pull him away.

I appreciate that Joe let me decide that for us. He assured me that it wouldn't happen and that I had nothing to worry about, but he loves me enough and respects me enough to just go along with my requests even if they don't make complete sense to him and even if they're at the last minute.

So we went to dinner with them and let then know that we were happy to treat them to the meal, but that we'd have to cut out afterward. We had a pleasant meal. We talked about swinging, our kids, their travels, etc. They were a little dissapointed that they wouldn't get to have sex with us. They even asked if they could take Joe alone even if I wasn't going to play. Joe said that he was flattered, but that we don't play alone.

So we came back home and the two of us had great sex like we've never had before, then we laid in bed and watched a movie.

We have a date with another couple tomorrow night. This will be our first time with them. I don't expect any of the same issues. But we never know what to expect. That's part of the fun and it's always an adventure.

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