Saturday, December 31, 2011

Last night

I'm laying naked in a bed next to my wife. Last night we had sex with a new couple. We each had rooms at the Salt Lake Grand America. We first had dinner with them at the hotel restaurant. He owns a construction company. She's runs an art studio. They are in their late 20's. (The couple that we didn't play with the night before was barely 21). This new couple, "Drew" and "Darcy" have been swinging for the past two years. At dinner we shares stories. Neither of us had had any drama with swinging. We shared stories about the parties we'd been to and the secrets we keep from people at work. We talked about how we met and our kids. Usually stuff.

Then we headed up to their room. A very nice room with a separate foyer. We ordered dessert. They offered us drinks, we explained that we don't drink, so I just took a coke.

They showed us photos of their new home and all the woodwork he did. I could tell that Christy thought he was attractive. Usually she's into the other girl more, but tonight she was into him more. He wasn't suave, but was rugged. She was very friendly and sweet. Eventually Christy pulled out the sex toys and showed then what we brought. There's sometimes some awkwardness trying to figure out how to move the conversation from "tell me about your job" to "I'd like to have sex with your wife." Christy showed them this good lube that we have and said that it's good for a massage. We all agreed to move to the bedroom. The women got naked and the guys undressed to their shorts. (We prepared by not wearing our garments to dinner - just secular/sporting underwear). Once the women were naked and face down, we swapped partners and gave the other woman a long back massage. This was our first experience that didn't start with girl-girl play. After a while, we swapped spots so the girls could give us a massage. Everyone was talking and having a good time. Very friendly.

After five minutes of that, I sat up and asked Darcy if I could kiss her. She said yes, so I did. Christy and Drew were doing the same thing. Then we went at it, all the usual stuff: kissing, sucking on her clit, fingering her, playing with her tits. I love looking over at my smoking hot wife and seeing the very sensuous look on her face as she's getting aroused. She looks like a porn star. And the way she moans is so hot. I was then laying back getting a blow-job. Darcy was good at that, but she was better at kissing. She has a very aggressive tongue. It was so hot to see my wife deep-throat Drew. Darcy told me that I could go inside. I got a condom on and so did Drew. He also had a vibrating cock ring on that Christy had brought. He'd never used one before. You have no idea how hot it is to see some other guy's cock enter your wife's pussy. Her legs were bent up to near her ears and he was in the push- up position just slowly sliding in and out of her. She moaned and purred. Meanwhile, I was doing the same thing to Darcy. It was so hard to not cum immediately after penetrating her. I tried to hold off. Prior to this, I had given her an orgasm with a vibrator and my fingers. I started thrusting and I knew that I couldn't hold back. So I let it go. It was so good. I stayed hard for a few minutes afterward so I kept pounding her. Eventually I pulled out and went to the bathroom to removed the condom and wipe off. When I returned to the bedroom, Drew had Christy sideways on the bed with him standing next to the bed entering her. He would reach down and push the vibrating cock ring against her clit and make her cum over and over. He asked if it was too much for her. She said no, that it was good. He pounded her for another five minutes. Eventually she said that she needed to take a break now that she'd had 20 orgasms. I suggested that Drew do his wife while Christy and I took a break. He entered his wife doggy style. Very hot.

We then got dressed a bit and sat and talked with them. Christy and Darcy arranged to have lunch together sometime. We offered to let them keep the bottle of lube. They talked about heading out on the town at this point. We told then that we were "too old" and that we preferred bed. (It was 1 am at this point). We gave a round of hugs and handshakes. Then we headed out the door and to our room.

In our room, just the two of us, we recounted the best parts of the encounter and it got us turned on again, so I jacked off onto Christy while she did herself with a vibrator.

Laying here now, I want Christy to text them to see if Drew wants to come to our room and keep pounding her brains out. But she's still tired. So it will just have to remain a fantastic memory.


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  2. mormon swingers this is fun
    where ppl enjoy the right to run
    open and free not bound by laws
    who the church's founders enacted by never saw
    through themselves. Polygamy can be one sided
    swinging allows for both to be adored, not chided
    by the corridors of power have classified this as sin
    why? Who knows just another thing
    to control ppl what else? Interesting that Jesus never
    spoke on this subject or many others but "clever"
    and "righteous" men made sure
    that women would stay "clean and pure"
    by attempting to reproach them for their own gain
    hurting those who deserved no shame.
    You are activists through your courage to be
    who you are: open and free.

    Love the blog - we should all have sex sometime :)