Friday, October 26, 2012

Getting the Itch

We've been to a few parties over the past year, but we haven't really had a nice little hook-up with another couple in a while.  We're setting aside a date in the near future so we can see about arranging a date with another couple.  We've got our profile on all the good swinger sites, but it seems like we just see the same local profiles on there over and over and don't get much action there.  Even though it sounds cheap, Craigslist really is the way to go for finding another couple.  You've just got to be able to wade through the robots and make sure you're talking to a real person.  It took us a good year to figure out how to make Craigslist work for us.  I ought to teach a class on that.  Once you know the techniques, it just takes a lot of quick emails and sifting through everybody.  But once you do your homework, then it's just narrowing them down.  Reminds me of the finding pool, the teaching pool, and then the conversion pool.  We've already got four good couples in the pool tonight after just a few hours of trying while watching TV.  

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  1. I really think that POF is a great place to find people as well.