Friday, November 23, 2012

Black Friday

I refuse to go out shopping today.  It's so much better to sit home and find all the deals on Amazon online.  Yesterday was a lot of fun with all the relatives over at my house cooking together, and the one relative who was dressed most like a skank was not me!  I'm so deep in the closet, no one would ever guess.

The other reason why it's good for me to be at the computer is that I can cruise the swinger websites: Kasidie, SDC, Swingular, and Craigslist (I don't like SLS--they're HUGE, but I just can navigate their messy site).  We're looking for a date.  Now that we've being doing this for a while, we've gotten a bit picky.  We won't just jump into the sack with anyone.  It's not that we're looking for a super hot couple, cause heaven knows that's not us either.  But we would like some nice.  I don't like facial hair, and they have to not look like snobs, and they shouldn't be super old.  And best of all, they have to be able to communicate.  I hate getting those emails from the guy that says "We r  at hilton  till 8 4 and  find us  Shes tight  IM huge!!"  That's actually an email that I got after I answered a Craigslist ad.  Needless to say, I neither understood it nor responded, even though he was smoking hot!!  I actually am turned on by a guy's brain and kindness.

Anyway, in addition to thinking about us getting naked on a bed with another couple and doing it every which way, it's time to start planning the Christmas holiday.  I've got to think about getting the guest room ready (again) for the next round of visitors, and deciding if we're going to take everyone to Soldier's Hollow for sledding or maybe somewhere else for snowmobiling.

If you've never seen this video about swinging, it's great:

Becoming a Swinger

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