Friday, November 23, 2012

Joe here.  A couple of days ago, she and I had talked about setting up a date.  We posted an ad and watched the replies roll in.  In our opinion, there's a good way and a bad way to write a swinger ad.  But the best thing is to include photos, cropped photos, and don't show your crotch.  Any way, we'd had a good deal of responses to our ad, and we'd been chatting online with a few of these couples.  Then just about an hour ago, we got an email from the first couple who we'd full-swapped with in July 2011 (see the post below).  They saw our ad on Craigslist and wanted to know if we wanted to play with them.  We did have a great time with them the first time because it was the first time for us.  But Christy felt a little jealous about the way that I was touching the other woman's knee after I had sex with her.  Christy wasn't jealous about me having had sex with her, but with the way I touched her knee.  Weird, but I understood.  So we didn't really try to play with them again.  And when I got the email today, I was just going to ignore it.  But I just mentioned it to Christy, just now and then went on to mention some other people who had also emailed us.  I then got called to the backyard by the kids.  Just a moment later, I got a text from Christy which says, 

"I have been thinking about it and decided we should play with ______ and ______.  It's hot that they want us this much and kind of cute that she has a crush on you.  It's making me wet to think about; as long as I'm the alpha!!"

Of course, I quickly wrote them back and we set it up!

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