Monday, September 9, 2013

Playing with a Friend?

We’re in Phoenix.  We used to live here for a while.  A female friend of ours got divorced a couple of years ago.  She lived in our neighborhood when we lived in Phoenix.  She’s not LDS, but she knows that we are.  She had been in contact with me and had told me that she really needed sex, so I offered to take her out to her local sex club.  On Saturday night, we got dressed up and went over to pick her up.  My husband drove the two of us to the club.  After paying the membership fee, we went in and found a table where we could watch people dance.  One young woman climbed into the cage and did a stripper dance and took her top off.  I then danced with my friend while my husband caressed me and took my top down.  I wasn’t sure how I was going to feel about having my friend see me topless, but in the moment, I didn’t care. 

            We then went to the back room where they had a Sybian sex machine.  If you don’t know what that is, look it up.  You ladies should try one sometime.  There was a couple ahead of us using the machine.  The husband controlled the dials while his wife rode the machine.  She had so many orgasms.  The three of us watched them.  The woman then asked my friend if she’d ever tried it.  My friend said that this was her first time.  The other woman helped my friend climb on and she knelt in front of her.  Her husband managed the controls for my friend.  Within a few seconds, she’d had her first orgasm of the evening, and then the two women were making out and fingering each other and sucking each other’s nipples.  It was very hot.  I wanted to get in the mix, but wasn’t sure if my friend wanted that.  After she finished up, it was my turn.  I climbed on and my husband worked the dials.  My friend sat directly in front of me watching while I came over and over.  I pulled my top down so that she could see my tits and watch while my husband played with them and sucked on them.  I came and squirted.  While doing this, the other woman and her husband invited my friend to play with them.  This resulted in the woman giving her husband a blowjob while the two ladies fingered each other to multiple orgasms.  I laid down next to my friend on a beanbag, gave my husband a blowjob and then had him screw me until we both came.  Afterward, the other woman told us that she was from Utah—that she had been raised Mormon.  We told her that we were from Utah and that we’re active and that we had to hurry home because we were attending church the next morning.  She couldn’t believe it.  We then all got dressed and then the three of us headed home.  On the way home, I mentioned to my friend that my husband had wanted me to play with her but that I wasn’t sure if she wanted it.  She said that she would have loved it.  So, maybe next time.  Needless to say, we were a bit sleepy at church the next morning.


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