Sunday, September 29, 2013

Hollywood Hills Sex Party Last Night!!

We flew into Orange County to drive home a car that a friend had purchased at auction.  While here, we were planning on meeting up with some other friends that we’d first met at a Vegas sex party, but yesterday afternoon, the husband wasn’t feeling well, so they decided to stay in.  So we searched online and found a party that was being hosted at a huge mansion in the Hollywood Hills.  (See  It was a “Fifty Shades” party where guests are expected to dress up and wear masks.  We didn’t come prepared with masks, but we weren’t the only ones, so that was OK.  We pulled up to the house at 10:30 pm last night and were welcomed by the friendly guards at the gate.  (To understand how amazing this house is, you really need to see it on Google maps: 7930 Vulcan Drive Los Angeles 90046 and the video on the MassPleasures website.  The pool was beautiful and the view of LA was amazing. There’s also a video of the home on YouTube.  Check out minute 2:06.  That’s the massage table on which I got thoroughly fingered (great happy ending for me).  And then you’ll see the screening room at minute 2:09 where I got pumped full of cum.  (Sorry to be graphic, but that’s what happened). All-in-all, an incredible night!!  Now we’re up early on Sunday getting ready to drive back home.  Yes, I know, we’re missing church.


  1. wow what an impressive place for such a fun event. missing church would have been worth it. :)

    I must say I hope that someday I can meet you guys.

    please keep the stories coming.

  2. Pumped full of cum? Don't std's scare you silly? Sounds hot thought :)

    1. The one pumping me full of cum was my husband. No STD risk there. And it was very hot!