Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Cruise Prep

This is Joe.  I'm going to be writing and updating this info as we go along for the next week.  I've taken this week off to get ready for the cruise and to fly out to Denver to visit family for a few days.  Christy still has to work a few more days, then she'll be joining me on Friday and we'll fly together to Orlando.  (We've told everyone that we're going to Disney World).  We get to Port Canaveral pretty late on Saturday and then we board the swinger cruise.  We have (and will have) more than enough "evidence" that we'll be at Walt Disney World for the week, to show people when we get home if they get nosy.

So, we're going on the Couples Cruise.  If you don't know what that is, it's a huge Royal Caribbean ship with up to 4,000 people (plus staff) on board.  We got tickets after hearing from people who went on it last year.  On the ship, they allow nudity and they have big play rooms in which couples can have sex with others.  We've been on a few cruises, but never one like this.  We're excited and nervous.  We're not super outgoing, and even if we were, we'd still be a bit anxious about being "trapped" with thousands of others who are interested in having sex with others.


  1. Sounds fun. Be a good scout and leave only footprints and only take pics. Lots of them :)

  2. They don't allow many photos on the ship, so don't expect too much.