Saturday, November 16, 2013

We're not THAT generous

It’s Friday.  We’re docked in Cozumel Mexico.  We decided to cancel our excursion for today.  We decided to just sleep in and be home-bodies in our cabin.  Prior to the cruse, I was hoping/fantasizing that we’d have sex with 10 couples and have sex all the time.  We usually only swing every few months, so we don’t need to do it every weekend.  So, after we had sex with that nice couple on Wednesday night, we were in the refractory phase and we’re still feeling refractory (not physically, but mentally/emotionally).  If another couple were to seduce us, we’d probably have sex again, but we currently don’t feel the need to race around the ship trying to find someone else to have sex with.  Yesterday morning we went to couples speed dating.  Neither of us had ever done speed dating before, so this was something new.  We were seated at a small table with another couple.  We had 90 seconds with them, then the hosts would call “time” and the couples would move to the next table.  Of all the couples we met, none were younger than us.  There were only one or two couples who Christy thought were acceptable.  I wasn’t really interested in any of them.  The last couple we met was the saddest/worst couple.  She may have been 30 or 50 and she was mentally disabled and looked like she’d lived in the woods, sorry but she looked like a street person.  That’s no stretch.  He was 65-ish and was missing an eye that looked like it was infected.  They both had facial hair.  They both smelled.  We were as polite as possible.  I asked her a question, but I couldn’t understand her response due to a speech impediment.  He put his hand on Christy’s knee then he said, “I hope this is OK.”  Christy was so shocked—she grabbed my hand and squeezed it.  Knowing that we had only about 30 seconds left, she just put up with it and hoped that he wouldn’t walk his fingers up her crotch.

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