Saturday, October 18, 2014

First "Couple Date" in a while

We had one of the most perfect swinging experiences last night. As you’ve noticed, it has been a while since we’d had any swinging experiences. (I still kind of hate that word as I picture “swingers” as people who go to clubs and wear gold chains.) We decided that we wanted to see if we could go out with a couple for a night. We like to either find a couple on one of the sites like SLS or SDC or Kasidie or Swingular or Craigslist. Or we post on those sites that we’re looking for someone and we see what kind of emails we get. As of 10 days ago, we had about 5 couples in the running, but over time some stop emailing or we get the feeling that they’re not serious so we stop emailing them. We narrowed it down to three couples and we gave out our phone number so we could text. (That’s a sign that we’re serious and that they’re serious of we trust each other with a phone number.) We then kept two couples in the lead for last night. We told both of them that we could “probably meet”. (I know that it may sound sneaky, but the no-show/cancellation rate is still about 60% for swingers for first-time dates.)  Of course we shared our photos with them and they shared theirs with us. We read their profiles and they read ours. We flirted via email and text. I spoke to one of the husbands on the phone. A few hours prior to the schedule meet time, one couple let us know that the husband was not going to get off work on time to meet by 9 pm. (As we texted throughout the day, I got the impression that they weren’t going to mesh with us well. They were younger and super hot, but not too bright.) So when they cancelled, we put all our eggs in the one basket with the sophisticated couple who seemed just like us (age-wise, grammar, desire, etc.) So we met at a bar. (We told them that we don’t drink.) It was loud so after a few minutes of them being reassured that we didn’t appear to want to mug them, we left after meeting and we all came over to the hotel where we’d reserved a room. We all agreed to go up to the room where we ordered some dessert room service. We talked in the living room of the hotel room for about another hour. We talked about our experiences. They talked about theirs. We talked about kids, school, stuff in the news—all sorts of things. They were really nice and just as normal as we appear to be. Just like with almost everyone else that we’ve ever met swinging, we didn’t share last names, and it was understood that we’d likely never know each other’s address or meet each other’s kids, but my experience is that those walls may come down sometime as people learn to trust each other and those walls just fall away. 

After talking for an hour-plus, the other husband “Jim” said, why don’t we check out the view from the bedroom window. So we all walked in there. The men stood behind their women and hugged them. (There are always those somewhat awkward moments of silence when everyone is knowing what’s going to happen, but no one knows exactly how to make that transition.) So I turned around and walked to the dresser to show off the sex toy that we brought (but didn’t end up using). I then said, “Well, I get I should get out of this.” So I took off my dress and was just there in a bra and panties. “Samantha” did the same. We go on the bed and started kissing each other and rubbing each other. The men got down to their boxers and got on the bed next to their spouses. After only about a minute of us girls making out, Jim said, “I think I’d like a turn now.” I think he meant that he wanted a turn kissing his wife, but I misunderstood and started kissing him and Samantha started making out with my husband. Both men LOVED it. After that, it went fast! 

Joe and Samantha were making out hard and fast, almost wrestling as they flipped each and every way, giving oral sex to each other and gripping on each other and holding back hair and pulling. 

Meanwhile Jim was being very gentle with me and being very passionate. I gave him oral sex and he did the same to me. I was going to keep going down on him, but he told me that he wanted to slow down so that he wouldn’t cum too fast. And we enjoyed watching his wife with Joe. 

Samantha told Joe that she wanted him to “fuck her”. Joe told her that he was ready to cum if he did. (She had already orgasmed from him sucking on her clit and from fingering her. I’d cum a few times too from the same thing that Jim had been doing to me.) Joe got a condom on and then put Samantha back on the bed and they went for it. It didn’t take long. Meanwhile, Jim was doing the same thing to me. I came so many times. And then Jim finished off in me (with a condom). The whole sex experience from start to finish was probably no more than 10 minutes. That’s the kind of sex we like. And we’re glad that they liked it too. 

We took a few minutes to sit there naked with them and slowly get dressed while chatting and thanking each other and complementing each other. We told them how much we appreciated the evening and how we’d love to go out with them again. We walked them to the door, gave hugs and wished them a good night.

Before falling asleep, we texted them to thank them for such a wonderful night, and they responded likewise.

We couldn’t have asked for a better experience.


  1. Sounds like heaven. At least that is what I'm hoping heaven is like. :)

  2. It's really nice that you are back. I'm glad you are still active. Post more of yours and others positive experiences.

    1. We never left. We just were living life. We have no expectation that we'll change, but one day we'll stop swinging. Maybe in 5 more years.

  3. We really enjoy your stories since we are lds also in Utah.