Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Sex with a Single Black Guy

Tonight I had an amazing first.  Last week we decided to look for a date so we posted an ad on Craigslist and on all the swinger sites. I approved the ad and the pictures that my husband posted. He screened the couples and showed me the ones that he thought I’d like or approve of. As always, when posting an ad on Craigslist, three guys reply for every couple who replies. Normally he just ignores those emails, but he decided to show me one or two. I though, “huh, maybe it would be fun to play with a single guy.” I discussed it with my husband and he was totally for it. Here are the reasons why. When we play with a couple I have to worry about what the husband is thinking about his wife being with my husband. I have to think about if my husband is having a fun time with the woman. With a single person, I don’t have to think about that. We’ve played with a single woman a couple of times, but never with a single guy. My husband likes seeing me have orgasms, and I think it could be fun. It also turns me on. The guy I picked was a nice young guy who’s 24 years old, a good 15 years younger than me. He’s also black. (I’d never had sex with a black guy before and I kind of wanted to. My husband knew that I was up for it because the guy (Derek) said that he could play the next day (Tuesday night) and I was fine with it. (I’d never agreed to playing so fast or on a week night.) I even got on Expedia and booked a nearby hotel, and it didn’t have to be a super luxury hotel (Just a Holiday Inn.) I then talked to him on the phone briefly to let him know that I really am a woman and that the photos that my husband texted him are really me.

The next day (today) I was shopping at the store with my best friend. We were getting stuff for Thanksgiving tomorrow. She asked what we were doing tonight and I told her. (She’s the friend who we once took to the sex club.) I told her that I was going to have sex with a young black guy while my husband watched then joined in. She asked if she could come watch. I thought, sure, why not. We finished shopping, I dropped her off at her house, and took the groceries home. I changed clothes, my husband came home, we text confirmed with Derek that we’d be at the hotel at 7 pm and told him about my friend coming to watch. We said that she MAY join in, but she may not. My husband knew the rule about not playing with my friend. My husband and I picked up my friend and we drove to the hotel. Derek was late because he went to the wrong hotel. He showed up around 7:45. He and my friend wanted drinks, so we ordered room service. My husband and I like to stay in control. Derek showed up and we all sat and talked and got to know each other. We played some music and sat by him on the bed and rubbed his shoulders. I eventually took off my pants and and top and sat next to him in my panties. A few minutes later he was pulling off my panties and fingering me deeply and I laid back on the bed. Joe said that he did it for 10 minutes which was an eternity for me. I came so hard so many times. It was amazing! Joe and Denise just watched, but they were getting turned on. Joe told me later that he’d said to Denise, “If you not going to join in, you’re eventually going to be the only person in the room who’s not naked.”  A few minutes later, Denise sat next to me on the bed and she and I started kissing. We agreed that we wouldn’t make Thanksgiving dinner weird. She sucked on my tits and I played with hers. (Hers are pierced. My clit is pierced.) She laid back and I was going to suck on her clit. She wanted me told. She told me so. But I wasn’t sure if she was going to resent it the next day since our families are such good friends and because she’d had a couple of drinks. She wasn’t drunk, but I just wanted to be sure. She did lay back and I used an ice-cube on her clit and fingered her. Joe got naked and sat next to us. Then Derek took a turn fingering her. She said that she squirts easily and boy does she ever! Derek fingered her and she shot all over the bed over and over. She squirted all over us. It was so hot!!

It was now my turn to have sex with Derek. I started by giving him a blow-job for a few minutes and then he put on a condom, stood next to the bed, put me on my back on the edge of the bed and pounded me. I came so many times. I got so swollen. Then he had me turn over and did me doggie style. I can’t begin to tell you how many times I orgasmed! He pulled my hair and pulled me up. He used a vibrator on my clit. My husband sucked on my tits. Denise sucked on my tits. Then he pulled out of my pussy and put his dick in my ass. I wasn’t expecting that. I came so fast and so hard - instantly I came. I’d never had anal with anyone who wasn’t my husband, I wasn’t expecting that. I didn’t mind it, but I wasn’t expecting it. I eventually told him that I needed a break to catch my breath. I laid on my back, but a minute later, I said, “OK, I’m ready to go again,” so I had him put on a new condom and keep going in my pussy. I really wanted him to cum. I needed him to cum. I was on my back while he fucked me. My friend sucked on one of my tits while Joe sucked on the other. It was so hot. Denise rubbed Derek’s balls while he fucked me and played with her clit. I just kept cuming and cuming. I then moved to a chair where Derek went down on me and gave me oral sex. I just couldn’t take it any more so I had him go play with Denise. Denise didn’t want him to fuck her, so he just fingered her and made her cum over and over. While they did that on the bed, Joe had sex with me and came in me. Once Joe was done, he sat back in a chair and then Denise did too. Then watched me and Derek have sex one more time. (Denise wanted to sit on Joe’s lap while they were both naked, but Joe knew this wasn’t a great idea.) This time I had sex with Derek in the cowgirl position. Derek laid back on the bed and I climbed on him and rode him. I begged him to cum. I needed him to cum. I wanted to make a guy cum. It’s so rare that they do that I needed it and I’m sure he wanted it. And he did! I rode him and he spasmed and he shot in the condom in me.  It was wonderful! We all slowly got dressed and cleaned up the room. We all walked out together and we gave Derek a ride home. We then dropped Denise off at her house. 

 We now at home laying in bed watching the Mindy Project and catching up on email. My pussy is so swollen. I’ve never had that much sex. I’ve had more thrusts tonight than I usually have in a month. Seriously. That was so much pounding, so much thrusting. It was great, but it was way more than I needed. (I’m getting turned on again, so I think that Joe and I are going to have sex again now.)


  1. Well damn.. that's pretty hot!! I'm always a fan of sex with the black guys.. LOL!

  2. glad to read you are doing your part to ease racial tension in the country!

  3. Joe is one lucky man. I sure hope he takes good care of you. If he didn't sounds like the black guy did. :)

  4. What is the reasoning behind Joe and Denise not plsying together but it is ok for Christy and Denise? Also wondering why Derek played with Denise but Denise did not play with Derek? Did she not conect with Derek? Seems like maybe she wanted a bit of Joe. Can you expound on this no Denise / Joe relationship? Do they have history?

    1. Answer to the first question: Because Denise is a woman and because I am a woman (more heterosexual than homosexual) and because I am not excessively attracted to Denise, there was less risk of long term chemistry between me and Denise than between Joe and Denise. Joe is very heterosexual.

      Denise was not as attracted to Derek as Derek was to Denise.

      Denise and Joe have no “history” other than that she is my very good friend and he is my husband.

    2. Ah I think I see, the women that Joe has sex with are like skew lines that jump from skew to intersecting as they come to nearest approach. And Denise and Joe are like closely parallel lines that once they touch may touch again and again then maybet snap together permanently like opposite polls of a magnet. While Christy and Denise are like closely parrallel lines that can touch without bonding like a magnet of same pole.

      Ah the intricities of swinging! One would think you would have to have a doctorial degree human biological attraction chemistry to keep things on the desired path.

      Is that part of the interview part in accepting partner couples to play with? Choosing couples that are hot together for a short time but then cool and not so hot as to cause a burning desire for that person again and again. Am I reading correctly
      That Christy and Joe trust Christy more than Christy and Joe trust Joe?

    3. Not sure I get all the geometry references, but what I do understand sounds accurate.

  5. Sorry
    Got carried away with comparisons.
    In summary
    close friends that play may be very tempting to become affairs.

    And acquaintances are safer because the daily contact is not there.

    As long as your rules are concrete, should be no problem. However i believe it would be wise to minimize sexual contact with denise and just keep it friends without benefits. Unless you enjoy tempting joe.

    You all have been at this for a number of years, so you must have your system down and safe.

    But still sounds like Denise would like a roll in the hay with joe.

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