Sunday, January 24, 2016

Hosted a Little House Party

Since writing my last post, we hosted a little house party with about 20 people. (Not at our house, a rental house.) We knew some of the couples from previous experiences, but most were new, though we did chat with them online. (We found them via Craigslist, SLS, Swingular, and SDC.) It was a ton of fun--friendly, casual, and lots of sex! At one point, I called out, "Anyone who wants to fuck me, line up and climb on!" Ben went to town on me! (You may recall Ben from a date that we had on Dec 10, 2011, that I mentioned in a previous blog entry. He is well-endowed and very nice.) I came so hard! I had to confess after that, that I needed a break. My plans to have sex with every guy in the room turned into me being barely able to walk. My husband ended up fucking a unicorn we have been friends with for years, who we have played with many times before. We also took a co-worker couple with us to the party--yeah, we're playing dangerously, but it's worth it so far. I got to suck her tits and she sucked mine, and we made out. I kissed her husband, and my husband and she made out and grinded and groped so hard that I think she came while sitting on his lap.

I think that's it for now.


  1. So Christy, have you kept an unofficial tally of how many non spouse sexual contacts you have had? 100, 500, 1000? Male : female mix?

    And do you video any of these events for enjoyment afterwards?

    And the coworker play partner, your coworker? or husband's coworker?
    Just wondering how such a declaration was made ? Were they swingers before or vanilla when you outed yourselves to him/her/them? Sounds pretty risky to me? Sure would like to read about the declaration/ introduction and any "what if" thoughts.

    So much for twenty questions... Just wish I could be a fly on the wall enjoying your adventures first hand. Oh well , i would probably be swatted.

    1. You can probably look at the whole blog and count 10 men who I've had sex with. Plus maybe 50 more people I've kissed. No videos. Some photos. It was my co-worker and they were swingers before.

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  3. What are your thought on sex before marriage? If swinging is fine is that too?

  4. Your link takes me to a post I remember well. Your journey in this lifestyle has been pretty amazing. Hearing more about how you have gotten involved with a coworker might help me figure out how to approach my wife. I'm not sure swinging is for us but I've learned much in the past year and a half that I know we need to do something to spice up our relationship. Reading what others have done has helped give me ideas and things were improving for a while but life is in the way again. Interesting how so many of us let things get in the way of us living the way we want to. Thank you for the sharing you have already done. Hope there is more sharing coming along.