Friday, February 3, 2017

The White Party at the Bellagio

We went to Las Vegas for the AVN (Adult Video News) weekend. Also known as the Porn Oscars. We went to just one party: “The White Party” at the Bellagio — not the official AVN White Party. The official parties just have porn stars in them, but no one really having sex. This was the wilder party.

We wore white, just as did everyone else. On our way out of our hotel room, I made some comment about how these could be temple clothes - NOT!

We met the rest of the guests at the Lilly Lounge in the hotel casino. SO many hot people!!

At 11 pm, we were all lead up to a hospitality suite. There were about 100 people. Half of the women could have been porn stars. They had no problem being in lingerie and showing off their nipples. Porn was playing on all four TV’s in the suite. There was a pool table, a bar with two beautiful women working as bartenders, house music, and club lighting. Not too shabby a set-up.

We came to the party with some friends that we’d made at a previous party. (See our entry from Dec 11, 2016). We met up with Daniel and Brittany at the party. We had been flirting with them via text for days prior, so it was a sure thing that we’d have sex with them at the party. After scoping out all the rooms, the four of us made our way to a large L-shaped couch in the back bedroom. We could easily see out into the main room and watch people come and go into the bedrooms. People were welcome to use the bed in this bedroom, since all we needed was the couch.

Brittany was all over Joe. They really started going at it without any hesitation. Daniel and I moved a little slower. He pushed me back against the couch and hiked up my skirt. Of course, I didn’t have panties on (neither did Brittany). Once he was hard, he put on a condom and pushed inside me. I came in less than a minute. I turned around on the couch and faced out the window toward the strip. He repeatedly fucked me from behind. He smacked my ass over and over as he did. I came and came and came. I was really hoping he would soon. I looked over at Joe and Brittany. Just like last time, they were flipping into every position possible and doing it from all angles and then taking turns going down on each other. She likes to moan and call out his name during sex. She pants and huffs during sex. She’s not acting or faking. She was really into it, and she nods her head saying, “oh yeah, yeah, yeah.” She’s so hot to watch! She came more than a few times also. Then he came in her. (With a condom.) He went to the restroom, past the two other naked couples on the bed, to discard his condom. He remained hard even after cumming. Within minutes, he had another condom back on and was letting her ride him. He didn’t come again, but she sure did.

After a couple more minutes, he said that he needed some water. Joe wasn’t looking perfect. I could tell that he wasn’t feeling well. He said that he was having reflux and he was worried about puking if they continued. He wasn’t super sick, but it was apparent that we were all done playing. I was fine with that because I was getting a sore ass. We all got dressed and walked out together. We walked down the lobby, said goodnight to each other and went our separate ways.

We chatted via text the next day, but we were more in the mood to just have time to ourselves, so we were bums and just kept to ourselves for the rest of the weekend.

We had a good time with them, but I don’t know for sure that we’ll see them again, even though Brittany sure does want to see Joe again.  (Sad to say that I wasn’t super into Daniel. Nice guy but not really my type. I think that Joe and Brittany were a much better match, and Brittany knows that. I even felt a bit jealous seeing how much she wanted my husband.)

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  1. Sounds like a really good time. I'm sure we could never afford to go to something like that so your posts help me live it in proxy.

    I've read the book you recommended in a comment on another post. Thank you for the suggestion. I think I better understand how you can be a contemplative person that tries to do good for much of your time but still can let go of inhibitions to enjoy something like this party. The most important sex organ is the mind.

    One's personal ethics are the thing to determine what is best for each person. Society's ethics can help with what works for society, like not stealing, but when it come to sex it is up to each individual. The concept of consent is taking on a much more important meaning to me now than it did even a year ago.

    That you two have found ways to let each other have that kind of physical joy while working together on other kinds of joy in life is very rare. I would even bet it is rare in the swinger community.

    Thank you for sharing so I can hopefully keep moving forward to find how to give my wife both the physical joy and the spiritual joy she deserves.

    The only jealousy I've felt in life was when I felt another guy in the life of the gal I was interested in at the time was getting an opportunity that I was being denied. At one point my wife had an online friend that she would talk to about all sorts of things that she didn't feel she could share with me. I felt jealous. It would try to manifest itself as anger. I've seen other jealousy that manifests as fear. Are you afraid Brittany may draw Joe away from you? Or is it like mine was, he is giving her a chance at something that he doesn't give you? Or is it you are jealous that Joe is getting to have sex with someone he is into while you are having what might amount to a session with a live dildo?

    One challenge I see to being swingers in love is keeping the love and the lust in proper balance that all are happy.