Saturday, February 25, 2017


We went to the best sex club ever last night! It was a Trapeze club in an east coast city. (Visiting for an in-law’s wedding, but snuck out to play.)

We had tried to arrange a meet-up with a couple, but it didn’t work out, so we went to the club to see it.

They had at least three different bars inside. It’s BYOB, but you check your alcohol in with the staff and they pour the drinks for you at no cost.

They also have a buffet. Normally I’d never eat from a buffet in a place associated with sex, including strip clubs, but this buffet was great and clean and well maintained. At about 1 am it turns into a breakfast buffet.

Like most sex clubs, it was dark and loud, but the layout was nice in that it wasn’t too much of a maze and it wasn’t too wide-open—the perfect balance of each. The dance floor was nice, seating area and tables for smoking and non-smoking, lots of cozy corners for chatting and sitting.

In the back was the locker-room. If you wanted to go to the play areas, you had to be dressed in only a towel or in lingerie for the women. We stripped down and put on our towels. The locker room attendees were high-class concierge gentlemen who reminded me of maitre d’s in a four-star hotel. High-class all the way. 

After entering the play zone and seeing everyone else in towels, we approached a staff member and asked for an orientation to the various rooms. He walked us around and explained how the rooms were set up: windows between rooms, couples only area, pool table, restrooms, etc. He gave us condoms when Joe asked, since Joe left his in the locker because had no pockets once in his towel. The play zone was a nice maze of rooms big and small. The large play room had about 20 vinyl “beds” with sheer curtains between some of them. There were about 50 people in the room all either naked or in towels and all in some phase of sex with someone. We found one of the remaining open spots and went at it with each other. (I don’t need to explain to you the details of sex; you should know how that works.)

After we were done, we vacated our spot so someone else could move in. We found a Diamond VIP section that is accessible only to club members who pay for that level. It’s another set of play rooms that look even more posh and has its own dance floor and bar. We were just allowed to peek through the window to their foyer. We were curious to know how much better that area was, but since we’re just visiting for the day and because we’d already had sex, we decided to not pay for the upgrade.

We then had breakfast at the buffet and left.

It was a great club. If you ever get the change to visit a Trapeze, do it! We wish we could open one in Salt Lake. It would be awesome if the town folks didn’t shut it down.


  1. When I saw this post I wondered if the lull after the holiday season was over. I doubt there is a big break in swinging activity but it seemed like there was a break in things being posted online or on Craigslist trying to set something up. Maybe you just have to go visit a big city area back east, or Vegas that always seems to have some activity.

    It is good to hear someone is having an enjoyable time and not stuck in house except to go to work. I've been fighting a cold that just will not seem to go completely away. A doctor once called my workplace a sea of petri dishes that cough and sneeze to spread their contents. Usually I can keep my immune system up to the challenge but for about the last three weeks it just hasn't been able to do what it used to.

    Thanks for the post to let me know there is still life out there and I can continue to dream of someday rejoining it.

  2. If there was one of these in SLC, I'd visit.

  3. Many years ago, when Yahoo Groups were going strong, there were mentions of parties that were somewhat like this description of Tapeze. I remember one being described in Ogden. I wouldn't be surprised to find there are parties that are similar to a club, just not as permanent so they can be far more discreet. I would not be surprised to hear they have pretty much died as those wanting to enjoy this particular part of the lifestyle just travel to the permanent clubs. Reading the posts on this blog show how much the way Joe and Christy enjoy the lifestyle has gone through some changes. I'm sure the overall ways things are done is constantly changing. I think that is part of what I find so interesting from those that are willing to share some of what goes on is the constant change and new experiences. So few people are in positions to openly share about what is going on that you either have to be participating or have someone who is that is willing to share what they are experiencing.

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