Saturday, July 8, 2017

Solo for Joe

Yes, I'm back after a long time away. Life is good. Marriage is great. We haven't had sex with other people for many months. We've been on two first-time dates with other couples since then, but no spark. We had a date planned tonight with what seems like a great couple, but they just told us they have a family emergency. I 70% believe them. We'll see if we get another chance to go out with them.

The other BIG news is that we're taking a trip to visit a woman who we know. We played with her (Brittany) and her BF (Daniel) at a party at the Bellagio in January and back in the fall. (Brittany and Daniel don't live in the same city.) We're flying out to meet Brittany in her hometown, and I'm going to let my husband have a full day and night ALONE with Brittany! This is huge for us! I'm letting my husband go on an 18-hour date alone with another women while I go to museums and shopping on my own. I'm processing all of this as best I can. I'm working on feeling a ton of compersion.

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  1. Glad you're back and life is good. Send pics soon. :)