Sunday, September 10, 2017

Best Party Ever!! (Ever)

Joe here.

It’s so temping to come out of the closet . . . but not yet. 

What an amazing party last night! 50 people in an amazing hotel suite! Everyone was having a great time. Love and life was flowing. Everyone was kind and generous and fucking (amazing)! Christy had sex with three different guys plus me, plus a guy who tried but could get hard again fast enough after finishing with someone else. All the guys wanted to fuck Christy. She was the life of the party! (That’s my observation.) So many nice hot people. One couple brought two vanilla couples who just watched and who tried not to be scared. Everyone was nice to them. Christy helped a newbie couple come out of their shell and had some play time with them in a threesome to let them experience some things they’d never done before. It was almost like watching a therapy session for a couple who was already doing great! I had sex with two women in addition to Christy, and I got tons of blow jobs and made out with a lot of women and sucked a bunch of tits and got mine licked too. It was an incredible evening!

The best were the complements from the attendees! They were so complementary to us! There were a couple of “celebrity” swinger couples there who had been on Playboy TV—one of whom are considered to be the king and queen (in our opinion) of swingers—totally hot and awesome couple! They said and wrote some of the nicest things to us about the experience. It put us on top of the world 


  1. There have been some posts about polyamory on this blog and some concerns when that is mentioned. The path to something like this party took a lot of time and seems to be something you guys enjoy. I would say you need to put most of your time and effort into swinging.

    I'm glad so many enjoyed the party and it was a success for you.

  2. If its the couple I'm thinking it is, wow what a fun night you must have had!! You and Christy need to be on PB Channel's 'Swing' with Jess O'Reilly.

    1. Feel free to PM us to ask if it's the couple you're thinking of.

    2. When I read this blog post last week I really wondered which couple from Playboy TV it might be. I don't see a way to PM in Blogger, if there is, could someone let me know how. A while back I saw a TED Talk from Jess O'Reilly about being monogamish. I'm not sure my wife knows about Ms. O'Reilly's work on Swing so I haven't mentioned it to her. I think it might be a way to increase our pleasure in our sex life but I fear if she knows where the advice is coming from she may reject it before even hearing it. You guys are really living what many in your community only dream about.

  3. So was it mike and holli?

    You can email me at