Friday, September 1, 2017

Joe's Weekend at Home - Two Women - Two Nights

Joe time!

Big couple of weeks coming up! This weekend, Brittany is coming for a visit. She’ll be staying a few days. I hope to have sex with her at least once a day while she’s here. Christy and Brittany seem to both get along well and respect each other. Christy still is worried about jealousy, and I do my best to reassure her and make her feel like number-one. Brittany is very sensitive to Christy’s needs and doesn’t want to tread where she’s not invited. I’m super turned on by both of them. We’ll likely have a three-some at some point, but neither of them are super bisexual. Christy is bi-comfortable and is turned on by it, but she’s not super attracted to women naturally as much as she once thought she was. Brittany admits that she is primarily heterosexual also. Those are all good things that favor me getting a lot of action.

Also, Christy has a friend named Darcy. (See Dec 31, 2011 when we first met them). She is now divorced. She’s a bit of a downer in general—especially since her divorce. She had come to visit us about a year ago at an event we were having. She was a bit of a pill to be honest. But she likes sex and craves attention. She texted Christy last night and invited her out to dinner tonight. Christy said that she could come over to have dinner with us and let her know that I’d play with her. (I’ll play with her as long as she’s not a super downer. She’s reasonably fit and energetic and a nice person.) So tonight we’ll have her come for dinner and then I’ll probably have sex with her.

Then next weekend, we’re going to another sex party. More to follow on that!


  1. It really sounds like you have an empty nest as much as you are doing at home. I've never been with two women at once, in fact I've never been with another woman other than my wife. When this comes up in erotic reading I get very excited, which is strange since it doesn't excite me as much in porn videos. It could be too much going on in the video but the writing keeps it concentrated on the what the different participants are feeling. I hope you have a very enjoyable experience.

  2. Sounds like fun. Don't do anything I wouldn't. :))