Sunday, June 10, 2018

Joe is Jealous!

This is Christy. Joe is jealous, and we both love it!

A couple of weeks ago I went to a conference for work. Joe came with me. The keynote speaker, Conner, was someone who I admired and who I’d heard speak before. He’s an author and professional speaker. He’s an expert in his field, and he speaks well about interpersonal relationships. We sat in the audience hoping that I may get a chance to talk to him during the weekend. 

After his first lecture, I made it a point to try to talk to him. I introduced myself to him, and he actually knew who I was from my work. We talked for a long time. Joe joined in the conversation. The next day, Conner asked to sit with me and Joe at dinner. We talked for a while. Joe went to the restroom, and Conner and I moved outside to the lawn to keep talking. We sat close to each other on a bench. I shared my experience with my faith transition. I learned that he was non monogamous. (I actually knew that before talking to him.) I told him that Joe and I had a “flexible” marriage. Joe found us and encouraged us to keep talking. Joe sat a ways off to allow Conner and I to talk in private. 

After a while, Conner and I walked to Joe, and I told him that Conner and I were going to go to his hotel room to have sex and that Joe was invited. Joe was very happy for me. Joe assured both me and Conner that he’d be happiest letting me having my alone time with Conner. 

We went up to Conner’s room and got undressed. He was a complete gentleman. Having had all those pre-conversations really let me know that I’d be comfortable, and I really was. 

He explained his STD testing history. He had recent papers. He explained that he always plays with protection including for oral sex. He even uses gloves if fingering a woman. He was very sweet and almost professional in his concern. It was really nice. 

He asked if he could kiss me head to toe. Then he did. He then turned me over and did it all again. So nice. I then asked him what he’s like me to do to him. He asked if I’d kiss him head to toe also, so I did. 

He then got a condom on, and I gave him oral sex. We then had sex in at least three positions I could remember: cowgirl, missionary, and him sitting up. I came at least four times. It was so hot and sensual. He had previously told me that he doesn’t cum often during sex due to a medication he takes, so I shouldn’t be concerned if he doesn’t. But he did! He came. I felt pretty good about that. 

We got dressed and took the elevator back down to the lobby to see Joe smiling. We’d been gone an hour.

Joe, Connor and I talked for a while. Joe joked that he was going to “take a swing” at Conner when we came back to the lobby while yelling “how dare you fuck my wife!”, but he didn’t know Conner well enough to ensure that he’d know he was joking. Joe told Conner that on a scale of 0-10, he felt jealousy of a “1”. It was the first time that Joe has EVER felt jealousy toward me. Joe said that he actually liked the feeling because it allowed him to understand how I often feel. Joe told Conner that it was more like “envy” because he was envious that I was able to have a new experience. I was very pleased with the experience. 

Since coming home from the conference, Conner has been texting me frequently. I really enjoy it. Joe is VERY attractive and I love his body and mind. Conner doesn’t hold a candle to Joe’s physique or intelligence, but Conner is very articulate and sensitive. It’s been very flattering that he’s taken a liking to me. He lives in LA and has invited me/us to come visit him. Joe says that I can go whenever I’d like. (Given that Joe’s going to go play with his GF, that’s only fair.)

I love Joe so much. I love our marriage. I love that Joe understands me. He loves that he’s able to experience a new feeling. Maybe he’ll write about it from his perspective. 


  1. When it comes to emotions it is just about impossible to explain them. If Joe is starting to feel something similar to what you feel then understanding is possible. Hope you keep enjoying your explorations and sharing them.

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  3. I have really been struggling the last few days to feel anything good. I visited Cesar's blog to find clips of activities that I know many people use to replace the personal interactions that good sex requires. I mean the watching is replacing personal interaction. I know this happens as many times in my life my sexual expression has amounted to watching free porn and wanking off. As the title of this blog indicates Christy and Joe are about people in love.

    Yes the porn and masturbation are part of many people's sexuality just like missionary position in the dark is part for some people. What I really like about what Christy and Joe share is their exploration of physical enjoyment of their sexual bodies. Now they are entering into an exploration of what it means to love others while keeping that enjoyment of multiple experiences with sex going. It seems they are trying to have as broad of a range of experience and learning as life will permit them. I hope they are in love enough for this exploration together to last a long time. They happen to be loving enough to the rest of the world to share some of their experiences and what they learn from them with the rest of us. I don't know if that is what they had in mind when they named this blog but it seems to be where it is headed.