Monday, April 9, 2018

Sex in Paris and Beyond

We’re in Amsterdam! Christy has been in Noisy-le-Sec just outside of Paris for the past three weeks doing training for her company. I was able to fly over for a long weekend, so we snuck away on a train to Amsterdam to get into mischief. (We told her coworkers that we’re visiting my old missionary companion in Rotterdam. Shhhh. I don’t have an old mission companion in Rotterdam.)

We arrived at the train station and made our way to the hotel which was right across from the station. I’d overcome (for the most part) much of the jet lag since I’d slept on the plane and train. It was late afternoon on Friday at this point. We unpacked our few things, got changed, and then caught an Uber to take us to a sex club called Fun4Two. It’s actually closer to Rotterdam. It was about a 50-minute ride there. We got there at about 10:30 pm. It’s a huge mansion that appear to have been totally gutted in 1995 and rebuilt into a sex club. The front of the house has windows that you can see into and it looks like the quarters for the on-site manager. The side entrance is the main entrance to the club. We went in, paid the fee, got the orientation speech, and were directed upstairs to the lockers. There were probably about 100 other people there also changing into their outfit for the evening. Women were changing into the sexiest of lingerie or going topless and the men were getting down to their briefs. Most people kept shoes or sandals on. I didn’t come prepared, so I went barefoot. Christy had a couple of options: sexy bra and crotchless panties, or a negligee set. Both were smoking hot! We were nervous because it was new and busy and everyone else seemed to know the system. We heard a few people speaking English, most with a British accent, everyone else was speaking languages we didn’t understand, but we’re pretty sure we parsed out at least 5 different foreign languages. The average age was probably about 40. A few younger, an few older. 95% of the people were very sexy. It was by far, the sexiest group of swingers we’d ever seen. Only the White Party in Vegas was comparable in the degree of hotness. 

Downstairs was the main bar and dance floor. Drinks and food are included in the price. They had a buffet dinner. We’ve seen food in strip clubs and sex clubs before. This food was good. Really good! The whole place was amazing. You’ve got to look up the website. It had three floors, balconies, a chandelier, crawl spaces, a very swanky indoor pool, at least two bars, a tunnel into a tantra section with multiple levels, lots of narrow staircases that go to all sorts of dark sexy places. There was a red-light district recreated neighborhood, and you could go inside all the “buildings” to play. The whole place was crawling with sexiness. It was like a fun-house/play-ground version of Eyes Wide Shut. (The staircases would never have passed code in the US.)

The downside was that it was hard to meet people, which really may be our deficit rather than the club’s. After exploring every corner of the club, we decided to go into the room with the GYN-like chair. Christy climbed up on it and laid back. I took her panties off and fingered her until she came a few times. A vibrator hung from the ceiling which I used on her too. I fucked her with my cock for a minute also, then I slid down to sit on the built-in stool with a back support that made it VERY comfortable for me to give her oral sex. The position was perfect for both of us. I could have “dined” there for an hour! The room had peep-holes, so people were able to see in, but we couldn’t see them well enough. (Christy likes to be watched.) So we moved out to the balcony looking over the dance floor. The large crystal chandelier hung in front of us. She leaned against the balcony and I fucked her pussy from behind for all to see. It didn’t take long for me to cum. We then cleaned up and were headed to the locker room when she decided that she wanted to get done a few more times. She got her vibrator out of the locker and we found a couch in a high-traffic area, I sat by her side, fingered her and used the vibrator on her until she came hard over and over. Once she was well satisfied, we returned to the locker room, got dressed, chatted with another couple who were Americans living in Germany, then we took a Taxi back to Amsterdam.

We slept in the next day. Obviously. We got up and explored the Red Light District. Prostitution is legal. The women stand behind a glass door and if you want to have sex with them, you approach the door. She opens the door and you discuss the prices and the details about what you want her to do. Before doing anything like that, we went to see a sex show. We paid 40 Euro each to go into a little theater with a little stage. Porn was playing on a projection TV. The curtains closed, then when they opened, a reasonable attractive woman was on the stage. She stripped to music then used a vibrator on herself. It was moderately arousing, but very obvious that she was acting the part. She was a good actor, but we all knew that she was faking (just like in porn.) The curtains closed then opened to a couple: male and female. He was built. She was less attractive. They had foreplay and then had sex: missionary position, then doggy style. He didn’t cum. The curtains closed. The curtains then opened to a woman who stripped to music and reveled a string of beads in her pussy. She pulled them out playfully. It was erotic, but less so that what you’d see in porn. The whole show was like watching grade B- porn in real life. 

We then walked the streets and the alleys looking in the windows at the women. Christy allowed me to hire one. (I’d read about what to expect for prices.) Many of the women were smokers and their skin reflected it, even though most didn’t look to be over 35 years of age. Even the younger ones look aged due to a “rough life”. We walked the length of the street then I decided on the woman in the pink outfit. We walked back to her, I gestured to her, she opened the door. I asked, “How much?” She said “50 for blow job.” I said, “How much for sex?” She said “100 Euro.” I declined and we walked away. All the websites said to expect to pay 50 for a blow job OR sex. 100 for both. Christy told me that I could have paid the 100, but I said that I thought it was too much.  

The next day was Sunday. I was regretting not having sex with a prostitute. Christy said that we could go back. I told her that I really wanted her to pick out the woman and that I wanted her to decide if she wanted to come in with me or not. She said that she was fine not coming in. I wanted HER to decide what made her feel the best. We walked the length of the windows. Many of the women from the previous day weren’t out, and there were some new ones. We walked past a couple of windows and a woman behind one aggreesivily and eagerly called out to us. We walked past a few more windows, then  we both new that we wanted to go back to that aggressive woman. She was sexy! She looked to be about 35, wearing a green scantily-clad swimsuit. She opened the door and she asked if it was for just me or both of us. Christy said that it was for both of us. (She whispered to me that she was cold and that was a driving reason for going in with me. The other was because she was turned on. If it wasn’t so cold, I think she would have waited outside. I’m glad she came in. The woman said her name was Tatiana. She said $100 for basic and includes blow job. She said 150 for the both of us, but the women only touch each other. No oral. We agreed. She lead us up the stairs and warned us about the low ceiling on the stairs to not hit our head. Each woman has a glass door facing the street and a back bedroom either on the ground floor or a floor above. The “bed” in her room was vinyl with a polished wooden ledge that was about six-inches wide, and it had a roll of paper on it from the wall like on the tables from the doctor’s office. There was also a bidet in the room. It was dark and nicely decorated. There was a curtain to a back area that was likely where the toilet was and may have been an access to the other women’s rooms. She told us that we pay first. I handed her 150 Euro and said, this is for sex also, right? She said that sex would be an additional 50 Euro. She said it Kindly and even though it didn’t make sense and didn’t really jive with what we understood downstairs, I handed over another 50 euro. She was happy. We wanted a happy hooker. She told us to take off our clothes and hang them on the hooks on the wall. We did. She took off her bottoms and pulled her bikini top to the sides so that her breasts were fully exposed. She said, “First blow job. Lay down.” I did. She said, “First we put on condom.” You can imagine a sexy stern Romanian accent. She had long brown hair and an perfect porn star body. I wasn’t yet fully erect, yet she was able to easily get a condom on me and suck me hard. She was careful (for her protection) to ensure that her mouth only made contact with the condom. Christy stood next to the bed naked while I fingered her while I was getting the blow job. Christy was moaning. I then said to Tatiana, “Can we have sex now?” (I think I’d only been getting a blow job for about 90 seconds.) She said, “Of course. You want doggy style.” I said, “Can we do it with you laying down?” I wasn’t sure if “missionary position” was universally understood. She said, “Regular? Ya!” She laid down on the paper, she used her fingers to open her vulva and I gently thrusted into her. I got my face down next to hers and I started rhythmically thrusting into her. I knew that prostitutes don’t allow kissing, so I didn’t get my mouth near hers. I also didn’t now if I was allowed to suck her tits, so I didn’t try. I kept pounding harder and harder. (Christy likes it very hard, and I’m sure that a prostitute is accustomed to being fucked VERY hard, but I didn’t want to be abusive, so I didn’t go as hard as I would have liked. Tatiana moaned a few times in the right way and the right times, but logically I knew she had to be faking it. But she faked it well. Christy played with her tits and Tatiana played with Christy’s tits as Christy knelt on the bed next to us. Christy commented on how perfect her tits were. I got close to cuming a few times, but after the third near-miss, I asked her if I could fuck my wife. (I think that we screwed for about 3 minutes. Christy said that it was 5 minutes.) She said of course. Christy and Tatiana changed places. I pulled the condom off and entered Christy. Cristy and Tatiana played with each others boobs, I pounded Christy and came in about a minute. My grunts made it clear to all that I was satisfied. I knew that Christy was satisfied also. Tatiana yelled “Bingo! Everyone happy?” I said, “Yes, very happy.” We got up and got dressed. Christy then complemented her on her body and asked where she was from. She said Romania which matched her accent. She said that she was married and has two children. Christy told her that she looked great for having had two children. Tatiana asked Christy, “So you don’t get jealous when your husband having sex with another woman?” Christy smiled and said, “Nope!” Tatiana said, “Even though I do this, if my husband with another woman it would make me jealous. I no could do it.” We got dressed and I said, “Thank you. It was very good,” even though I’ve had MUCH better sexual experiences with women that I didn’t pay for sex. (This was the first time that I’ve ever paid for sex. Christy has done it three times in the past in Vegas. I was present for all of those experiences, but I just watched. This was probably the least expensive. We’re not good at negotiating in these situations.) Tatiana reminded us to watch our heads on the way down the narrow stairs. We walked out the door as people watched us. They all knew what we’d done. We smiled and were happy that they all knew it.


  1. As much as I think sex is fun, for me part of the fun is the personal interaction. When my wife and I tried swinging last decade we would get to know a little about the people first. The swinging dates you described early in your blog would be more exciting to me than the hooker or sex club your describe here. It seems you once went on a swinger cruise and the report felt similar, just hurry and hook up. I guess the going out some where and talking, like at a restaurant would be an important part for me. It seems I used to think a huge sex club would be exciting. I guess I would be better off in a smaller party or just a couples type date. I could watch my wife being given sexual pleasure and hopefully be giving someone else some pleasure. Those two things would make it more fun and enjoyable to me.

  2. The club sounds like it could have been fun. The prostitution sounds like it was machanical.

  3. So, this is your life now? Work, travel somewhere to have sex either at a club or paid for, work some more. You mentioned before you were dating but that must not have worked. If you enjoy this then great, but I wonder if you are now looking for something different. Some people in the lifestyle will get involved with groups that try to help others meet up but that doesn't seem to fit your desires or inhibitions your family situation places on you. There seems to be only a few reading this blog but maybe you have some in other places. You may be feeling very alone after distancing from your church. It seems you have a wonderful wife but still are looking for new experiences. There is just so much time between posts on here that I hope you are filling it with something, maybe many sex parties that you don't report on because each one is so similar to the last. I think that has to get to be mechanical or routine.

    In the past on this blog the big gaps were probably due to family and other responsibilities taking up time but lately it seems it is just waiting for the next big story. Are you finding ways to get more dates? That last one seemed to be with swingers willing to get to know you more than just some quick sex. Are there groups, like there are for swingers, that help you meet up for polyamorous types of dates? I have seen some poly conventions mentioned online before, but those didn't seem to include chances to meet potential dates like swinger conventions seem to have a lot of meet up opportunities.

    In some ways it seems you have come full circle from paying for Christy to have new experiences to paying for you to have a new experience. What parts have been fulfilling? What would you do differently? Where do you go from here?

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