Monday, February 18, 2013

Just a routine sex party . . .

Some towns are more swinger-dense than others.  This weekend, we were in our home town as we usually are, and even though there aren't a lot of open swingers, we wanted to hold a little event regardless, so we did.  We put out feelers on the usual swinger sites and then at the last minute put an ad on Craigslist trying to fill any remaining spots.  In the end, we got six other couples to join us in our hotel suite.  As we usually do, we have everyone introduce themselves and tell the group about their interests and boundaries, then we play a little game like spin the bottle, or truth-or-dare, that gets people talking and gets them to loosen up.  It doesn't take long before someone's shirt comes off and then someone's dress.  After a little while longer, a few people are naked on the floor messing around, and then a bunch of people are naked having sex.  On this night, many of the couples didn't have full-swap sex with other couples (just some soft-swap oral) or sex with their own spouse.  A few of us did have full-swap sex though.  And we were one of those couples.  (This is Joe writing, by the way).  Of the six couples, we knew one of them from before.  We'd traveled to their city of Salt Lake in the past, and this time they came to us.  She had a baby (their first) in November, and this was their first time playing with another couple since then.  She was a little self-conscious because she hadn't lost as much baby weight as she wanted, but we assured her that no one would care.  They are the sweetest couple.  (He doesn't like to travel, so 50 miles is about his limit).  That's why they don't ever go to Vegas.  Andy is a very kind guy and a perfect gentleman.  It was amazingly hot to see Christy ride him cowgirl on the floor while he gave a "mustache ride" to his wife, and then our wives made-out face-to-face.  There's nothing more arousing than watching your wife have an orgasm.  After she orgasmed many times, she came over to me and climbed on while I laid back in a chair and then I came in her.  Then Andy's wife, Mary, invited Christy to go over and give Andy a blow job (which I photographed) and then climb back on him to have him finish in her.  Mary said to Christy that it had been Andy's fantasy to finish in Christy, so he did.

Afterward, everyone had some snacks and everyone talked (while still naked or half-dressed or wrapped in a towel).  Eventually everyone slowly left to get home to babysitters.  It was a very nice evening--not too wild, not too late; just another nice little sex party.

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