Saturday, March 23, 2013

Kink Festival

Last night we went to a Kink Festival.  We took some new vanilla friends who we were hoping to convert into swingers.  It didn't happen last night, but maybe one day.

We were also expecting to see or have sex at the club, but it was just a regular night club that was turned into a kinky festival for a night.  There were booths set up selling whips, corsets, and kinky jewelry.  The stage area had a dance floor and people were dressed very Gothic dancing to laser light and industrial techno music--not really our thing.  Lots of pushed up huge boobs, but no nipples showing :( Too much melancholy noise and depressive stares going on in there, so we bugged out early.

Maybe next time well just take our new friends to a hotel room and try to seduce them. ;)