Sunday, July 17, 2016

Super Sore Ass & Marathon Runners

Sunday Morning.

I’m sore. Two nights ago, we had what I considered marathon sex. Joe had a toy in my ass, another in my pussy, and a mega vibrator on my clit. I thought I’d died 20 times that session. Also, I’ve been more into pain lately. I don’t know way. I had him slap my ass over and over that night. Really, really hard, and I came so hard during that. I even had him verbally degrade me. That was super odd. I think I was just experimenting to try it. At the time it was good, but in retrospect, I don’t think I’ll ask for humiliation again, though I’m sure I’ll asked to get spanked again—but not for a few weeks. My butt looks really really bad—I mean seriously bad.  Anyway, on to the real story. (That night’s reason for excitement was because of what we had planned the following night.)

Yesterday we met a couple who we hadn’t seen in over a year. We’d never played with them before, but we’d been out to dinner with them a year ago. Prior to that, they had come to a party we’d hosted. Yesterday, we’d arranged to meet them for dinner at a Chinese restaurant. We ate together and had great conversation. We then walked to a sex toy store and bought some stuff. We then went back to their hotel room. The four of us talked about our sexual interests and boundaries. In that environment we all had very few: the men aren’t gay, no anal that night, Joe comes fast. She wanted Joe to be aggressive. I didn’t want to get hurt. (As I said, I’d had Joe smack my ass a LOT the night before, and it was really bruised.)

Joe writing: The ladies were in nighties and the guys were down to their boxers. I stood and kissed “Stacy”, pulling her toward me. We are about the same height, so it was easy. Christy and “Chad” are about 18 inches  different in height, so they had to get on the bed right away to make it work for them. 

Stacy and I stood and kissed. I gently grabbed her hair and slowly rubbed my hands over her back. I slid one spaghetti strap off her shoulder, then the other. I kept coming back to her mouth to kiss her while going down to suck on her nipples. I backed her toward the bed and sat her down on it. I knelt down and she pulled her nighty up and over her head. I continued to suck on her nipples. (She’s a marathon runner with A-B breasts, and she’s a redhead.) I laid her back on the bed and I sucked on her pussy. I’m getting better at that. I did that for a few minutes. Then I used my fingers in her and then I let her grind on my chest while I kissed her mouth again and sucked on her tits. I then got the hitachi (which she’s said in the prelude that she likes to use to orgasm). Christy took a break from Chad to hold the Hitachi on Stacy’s clit while I played with the rest of her and two-fingered her. We made her cum hard!

She then asked what she could do for me. (Christy went back to playing with Chad. They fucked and sucked and were having a great time!) Stacy leaned over and gave me a blow job. I could’ve come in her mouth, but I really wanted to fuck her. I stood up and pulled her to standing. I lifted her up off the ground, and I backed up to the bed and sat down. She slid down on me. I scooted back on the bed and she was on top of me in the cowgirl position. She started grinding her pussy on my cock. I didn’t yet have a condom on, but she slipped me inside her anyway. I was a bit surprised by that because we’d all indicated earlier that we have condoms. The basic rule is that condoms are used unless everyone agrees not to. We’ve played with condoms every time other that the first two couples we played with 7 years ago. (In fact, Chad put on a condom while Christy gave him a BJ which is unusual for swingers. The default is no condom during blow jobs.) So there I was on my back with my bare dick in her pussy. She was grinding away on me and trusting all over me so hard. I was so ready to explode any second, but I still had one adult neuron that was functioning, so I said, “I’m about to cum in you, let me get a condom.” She said, “OK”, I put it on as fast as I could, then I pushed back inside her and she resumed her wild rocking. It didn’t take five seconds before I came, and I came hard and it kept cumming. Once I was done and could catch my breath, she dismounted and then I discovered that the condom came off inside her. I reached in and pulled it out. It seems like the cum was still inside the condom. I got up and took it to the bathroom.

When I came back, the women decided to share a feel-do (a special double-ended dildo that has a bulb on one end that goes in one woman’s pussy and the other end looks like a penis. That was the woman can be the “man” and the other woman can be the “woman”. Chad and I had to direct them how to use it. They both wanted their legs on the outside. I had Christy put the bulb in her, keep her legs together, and lay on her back. She was the “man”. Stacy rode her cowgirl. We then put a vibrating bullet between them on their clits. It was so awesome to watch! They both came so hard. (I even took photos, and no, you can’t see them.) Chad kissed Christy while his was was ridding her. And Chad jacked off watching it. So extremely hot!

Afterward, we all got dressed and we went to the hotel’s hot tub. We were planning on making out in the hot tub, but another hotel couple got in with us, so we had to play vanilla. 

We’re looking forward to hooking up with them again one night in the next couple of months.  


  1. So no rules to read.

    Never understood the need for pain and degradation. To each their own.

    18" is a big difference. I once new a couple that were 22" different.
    They managed to have several kids.

    Pictures would be good , but given privacy concerns ... Well shucks...

  2. Sounds like another night in the life! Carry on. :)

  3. Not even a faceless picture or two? (wink, wink)

    I know why you don't want to but I just wish I could see even just a little of your adventures.