Sunday, September 4, 2016

I'm back from my solo date . . .

I’m home! Let me tell you about my experience this afternoon.


I got myself checked into the hotel room, then I texted Joe the room number. I told him to text or call me 60 minutes after Brad arrives. I told Joe that I’d let him know when Brad arrives. Brad texted me to tell me that he was going to be a few minutes late because of traffic. I had texted him earlier to let him know that I have only an hour to play. I’m not the kind of person who can have sex for hours: I orgasm easily and after 20 minutes, I’m totally wiped out.

Brad arrived at the hotel room and he said that because we didn’t have much time that we should get right to it. I was totally on board.

Because he’s so tall and I’m petite, he sat on the side of the bed and we started kissing. He unzipped my dress and I helped him get his clothes off. He complemented me and told me that I had a better-looking body than he’d imagined. He was being kind, and I hope honest.

His cock is huge! I mean too huge. The head was large, but he got massively thick as it when down to the base. I’d seen a lot of penises at our parties, but I’ve never seen one this large. At it’s base, it IS as large as a coke can. He wasn’t kidding when he told me that he and his last girlfriend broke up because he was causing her too much pain during sex. I asked him if anyone has ever been able to deep-throat him. He said no. I said I’d try. (I’m pretty good at that.) I wasn’t able to get it all the way in my mouth, but he said that I did better than anyone else ever had. I did gag a few times. 

We hadn’t discussed the end goal, so I asked if he wanted to cum in my mouth. He said that he’d like to cum in my pussy. He genuinely forgot his condoms in the car when he pulled up. He was getting his clothes back on to go get them when I stopped him because Joe had put some in my purse. (They ended up being VERY small for him and just rolled down over the head.)

After I gave him oral for a while, he laid me back on the bed and gave me oral. He was good. Almost as good as Joe. He made me cum. Then he laid back on the bed. I climbed on top of him and straddled over him. I slowly lowered myself down onto his cock, but it really was too large. I know that this sounds like a freaky kinky erotica story, but it was the honest truth. I just couldn’t do it. He felt bad that he was hurting me, and I felt bad that I couldn’t do this for him. 

I laid back down on the bed on my back with my legs over the side of the bed. He fingered me for a while, trying to gently stretch me out. I’ve learned to like spanking, the pain makes me cum. So even though the stretching was a bit painful, the more I orgasmed, the more I relaxed. Then, I had him kneel at the side of the bed and let him gently slide his cock into me. He eased into it so-as to make sure that it wasn’t hurting as much as before. I asked him to slap my ass. (I had told him at he bar on Friday that when I feel pain, it puts me in a zone and makes me euphoric.) He didn’t slap it too hard, not as hard as I have Joe do it. Eventually, he was able to get into me.

Now that I was more stretched and more in-the-zone, I had him get back on the bed on his back. (It was then that I realized that I hadn’t texted Joe to tell him that we’d started. I quickly did and told him to give me 30 more minutes before worrying about me.) I asked Brad if I could take a picture of him and his large cock. He let me. The photo is of him laying back on the bed, fully nude, with his erect cock right there for me to see. I had to have proof of what I was experiencing.*

I then tried again to ride him cow-girl. I knelt over him and let myself down on top of his cock. (Yes he had a condom on whenever he penetrated me, but because of his size and the regular sized condom, I can’t guarantee that we were ideally protected. Don’t lecture me about that.) Now that I was juicy and looser and more euphoric, I was able to take him in me. I still had to lean forward to accommodate him. If I leaned back, I felt him ram against my cervix. During the whole experience, I came somewhere between seven and ten times. He was able to cum in me. It was great! I’ve been with many guys who haven’t been able to orgasm. When I pulled off of him, he felt so bad because of the blood. It wasn’t super bad, but it was obvious. 

We went to the bathroom and cleaned up. Using the white bathroom towels made the blood look worse than it was. I told him that I’d be fine. I’d once had a ball-like toy stuck in me that Joe had to yank out. It had split me bad. I probably should have had stitches, and it took weeks to heel. This was nowhere near bad as that.

We both got dressed and thanked each other for the experience. I told him that I’d be up for doing it again. He told me about a court case that he’s working on. (He’s in law school). I told him that I’d like to read the paper that he’s working on about the Mormon church’s real estate holdings. We walked out together and we went to our respective cars.

After I got home, I told Joe all of this. He was so turned on that he jacked-off on my chest. He watched me as I texted Brad back to thank him for the experience. Joe said that he liked seeing the giddy smile on my face as I did that. I told Brad that I’d be up for a nooner in a few days or next week. I told him that I’d need a few days to recuperate. Most guys would think that I’m complementing him, but Brad is sensitive and doesn’t like being so large, so he did feel bad about hurting me. I genuinely understand why he feels like it’s a bit of a “curse”. Most guys would think that it’s great to be huge, but unless you’re a woman with a large vagina, sex with Brad isn’t easy.

*I wanted the photo so that I could show it to Tori. I kind of want to make her a bit jealous. She has bragged about how big her husband’s cock is. I also want to show Joe to that he’d understand why there’s blood in my panties and why I need a couple of days before we can fuck. I sent the picture to Joe just before I got home and walked in the door. 


  1. Oh my! I have never read something like that. . If true, not saying it is not, but sounded like something copied off an internet site. Perhaps an application for a Guinness record is in order. I hope your photo includes a frame of reference .. Coke can next to penis ...etc

    Well i suppose true... but ... Planning a second time? What if real serious damage is done? Good grief young lady... Was the sexual rush really worth all that?

  2. Will we ever hear what Joe was feeling during and what he thinks now?

  3. Joe here. I do have the photo the Christy sent me of Brad and his penis. There's no frame of reference other than that he is 6'10". I know that she said 6'9", but that was to throw off the NSA. To me, it does look like a very large-girth penis, but I'd say it's 80-90% of the diameter of a coke can. But am I really going to argue specifics with the woman with the bleeding vagina?

    I could crop out his face, but I still feel that without his (or at least her) permission, I shouldn't post that picture. I get the impression that his penis size is not something that he's proud of. He knows that it's too large for 95+% of women, and he's had some women refuse to play with him once they see his size, so I get why it's not something that he wants to go around telling people about.

    I think that both she and I would like her to have sex with Brad again. It's just a question of pain. Could he stretch her out over time? How much work would that be? And what would that do for me? I've had sex with women with looser vaginas. It's OK, but I like those that fit my penis size. I like Christy's tight vagina. I'm not sure where that leaves us all. Give us a few days for her to snap-back, and then we'll see.