Sunday, September 4, 2016


Because someone recently asked, I'm posting the 'rules' that Joe and I made for him a few weeks ago after the issue we had with him and Tori.

Boundaries with Tori and Steve (Steve is Tori's husband)

  1. Communication.
    1. Joe must show Christy all written communications with Tori within 24 hours of them being written. Ideally sooner. If Joe fails to do so, Christy will not be mad, but the consequence will be that we will not have sex with anyone other than each other for 30 days. If Joe repeatedly fails, this will be grounds for halting the relationship with Tori and Steve.
    2. Joe will respond to texts from Christy as fast or faster than texts from Tori, especially while at work. Joe will increase the sexy text and emails to Christy.
  2. Christy as Priority.
    1. Gifts: Joe will provide an increase in gifting to Christy: candy, sodas, etc. Joe will never send flowers to anyone other than Christy.
  3. Dating: Weekly dates with minimal phone/computer interruption: the park, concert, dinners, movies.
    1. Getaways: we’ll always have a getaway planned for just the two of us. (i.e. Las Vegas).
  4. Proportions: spend at least 5x as much time on Christy as on Tori. Send Christy 5x as many courting conversations as to Tori.
  5. Flirting: Joe will flirt and sexually touch Christy at work in front of Tori.
  6. Permissions
    1. Sex: Joe can not have sex with Tori without explicit written permission from Christy pertaining to that specific encounter.
    2. Kissing and touching: Joe is permitted to kiss Tori and touch her boobs (not her crotch) without permission from Christy.
    3. Being alone with her: Joe can be alone with her without permission.
    4. Orgasms: Joe can’t be with her while she’s having an orgasm without Christy’s permission.
    5. No sexual/sensual contact in our hometown while others can see.
  7. Obedience
    1. If Christy states that something is to be done (or not done), Joe will do it. It would be most helpful if directives are via text or reminders in the phone.
    2. Christy has the unopposible and indisputable authority to halt the relationship with Tori and Steve.
  8. Planning: Joe will do his utmost to not push the sexual agenda ahead of the others’ natural pace.

Joe wrote all of that and I agreed to all of that. He has a bit of Aspergers in him, as you can tell. He wrote is so that he could not late make justifications for himself if he did something wrong.

Turns out that we didn't need most of that, since the relationship naturally cooled. Currently, there is almost no spark between Tori, and Joe; nor between me and Tori. We're back to a a work-only relationship. It's friendly, but that's about it. It's not impossible that it could reignite, but Tori took offense to something that both Joe and I did. Something VERY small and odd. We never would have known if she hadn't have told us a couple of weeks ago. We both apologized to her. I think she then felt awkward about it afterward, so now things are a bit awkward, but are getting better. This is why we're moving on to 'HotWifing' at the moment.

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